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Where Do You Go to Watch the Madness?

The International Association of Sports Bars and Pubs has the most extensive listing of sports bars available to watch the upcoming college basketball tournament.

Las Vegas, NV, March 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The college basketball tournament is upon us and legions of fans will find themselves absent from work, school, or life so they can root for the underdog or cheer the favorite. They will have their brackets filled and maybe even paint their faces. But the question is where do you go to check out the action. Well, as luck would have it the International Association of Sports Bars and Pubs has published a listing of sports bars nationwide. They are striving to list every sports bar and pub in the world. They haven’t achieved that yet, but it is still the most extensive website available. As a part of Ultimate Sports Enterprises, the IASBP works to enhance the enjoyment of sport for those that frequent sports bars and pubs.

The IASBP breaks down their listings in three ways. They list establishments by area, starting with country, then by state or province. These listings are in alphabetical order and the links are very easy to navigate. In most cases the establishments listed here are denoted with symbols depicting whether they have dart boards or pool tables, if they show soccer or if they are a brewpub and they even designate which professional teams and which colleges are supported. The second way you can find your new sports bar is by professional sports team. If you find your self out of town or if you have to relocate to another part of the country, this listing will be most beneficial for you. After all you would hate to walk in to a bar wearing your Mitchell and Ness Lawrence Taylor jersey and find out that you are in a Redskins bar. If you are looking for others that spent a significant sum in tuition at your alma mater, the third listing is for you. IASBP lists sports bars that favor your favorite college or university. They start with conference affiliation and then give you individual colleges. If your company transfers you to California you can find a place to cheer on your Buckeyes if you would like.

The International Association of Sports Bars and Pubs not only is in the business of providing you with information regarding the best game watch locations, but they also are in the business of enhancing your viewing pleasure. Surely you have heard the expression you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. The IASBP in conjunction with their sister company the Ultimate Sports Network is providing free of charge a printable download for all interested sports bars that details the upcoming college basketball tournament. This download will provide television schedules (for each time zone), updatable brackets, team records and statistics (with final regular season RPI rank), individual rosters and statistics for each team, and commentary for each team in the field. USN reasons that if you know who is playing it may make the game just a bit more interesting.

CEO Frank Gordon states, “The thing that we try to remember as business people is that without patrons our business would cease to exist. Now that seems to be a common sensical thing to say, but keep that statement in mind the next time you go to the grocery store, or you are on hold with “customer service”, or purchase gas, or fly the “friendly skies”. We know what it’s like to have a negative experience. We know what it’s like to search for information and not find it. We know what it’s like to be underappreciated and to be shown that our business isn’t wanted. We don’t want anyone to have to feel like that.”

In the future the IASBP will sponsor several events to help patrons enhance their sports bar experience. They will hold a national golf outing that will benefit a well-known charity. This event will be held on a national level, but the actual outings will be organized on a local level between participating sports bars and golf courses. Also on tap are a national dart and pool tournament where the participants compete against others from their sports bar and the winner and runner-up are entered in a national tournament to be held in Las Vegas. A ten dollar entry fee is all it takes to gets you signed up for the event and the finals And they are researching the idea of the “Ultimate Beerfest”, where brewpubs and microbrews compete in several categories and the judging will be done by the actual people in attendance, not by four judges in a back room.

Please visit www.ultimatesportsenterprises.com to learn more about this organization. If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring an event, please e-mail advertising@ultimatesportsenterprises.com . If you operate a sports bar or pub and would like more information concerning the International Association of Sports Bars and Pubs or would like your establishment listed, please e-mail iasbp@ultimatesportsenterprises.com .

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