HammerTap Acquires Auction Trust Network

Viral Marketing Tools to Revolutionize Online Shopping Experience with Market Data

Orem, UT, March 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- HammerTapTM, a Utah-based online market research firm, today announces the acquisition of the Auction Trust NetworkTM (ATN). Now a division of HammerTap, ATN offers a suite of tools for both online sellers and the shoppers who buy from them.

ATN’s premier solution, ReconnectTM, allows eBay sellers to connect, and re-connect, with their customers. HammerTap plans to combine the strength of ATN’s Reconnect technology with the power of market research to revolutionize the online shopping experience. With this research combination, Reconnect will provide shoppers with helpful purchasing information, such as average selling prices, for specific items in the eBay marketplace.

Acting as a viral marketing vehicle for sellers, Reconnect will provide online shoppers with the information they need for a safer, more predictable buying environment. The added market data is intended to attract more buyers to eBay listings offered by trusted sellers.

“HammerTap is the perfect home for the Auction Trust Network,” says Steve Jones, CEO of Auction Trust Network. “With Reconnect added to their portfolio, HammerTap now provides a comprehensive offering to business owners who want to optimize their effectiveness while staying connected to their customers.”

Currently, buyers who use ATN add their own trusted sellers to their buying networks, and then send their “buddy lists” to friends and associates. Soon HammerTap will also provide buyers with lists composed of reliable sellers such as BuySafe merchants and others belonging to relevant social networks. In addition, Reconnect will include a customer loyalty program to entice more consumers to return to trusted sellers.

“This is a concept whose time has come,” says Jen Cano, HammerTap spokesperson. “HammerTap has long provided eBay sellers with the power to make educated selling decisions. With Reconnect we will place the same power into the buyers’ hands, while simultaneously helping them reconnected with trusted eBay sellers.”

HammerTap anticipates requests from other popular marketplaces to provide the same benefits and value for their merchants and buyers.

About HammerTap, LLC
HammerTap was the first online research solution available on eBay, reaching out to sellers with answers about how to get the most out of their listings. HammerTap continues to offer sellers and buyers the most in-depth market research tools, dedicated support, and well-rounded education. Their solutions help sellers power-up their listings to increase sales and maximize profits, as well as help buyers make educated shopping decisions.

For more information, visit www.hammertap.com/?cid=pr004 and www.auctiontrustnetwork.com. 

HammerTap, ATN, Auction Trust Network, and Reconnect are trademarks of HammerTap, LLC.

Steve Nye