‘Remarkable’ New Venture Helps Investors Find Groundbreaking Technology

Singapore-based Remarkable Innovation will revolutionise the way investors assess high-tech opportunities.

Singapore, Singapore, March 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A new firm is applying industry-leading expertise to asses investment opportunities in the high-tech sector. Singapore-based Remarkable Innovation will revolutionise the way investors evaluate technology, helping them identify groundbreaking ideas.

Unlike traditional technology evaluation, often a relatively informal process, the Remarkable Innovation assessment involves highly qualified teams performing extensive research and coordinating input from world-leading experts. The new service allows venture capitalists, business angels and other investors to outsource all, or part, of the evaluation of a high-tech proposition, saving them time and resources while improving the accuracy of the process.

“We’ve tried to simplify the technology evaluation process as much as possible,” says Remarkable Innovation founder Dr Mark Reilly, an experienced technology analyst who holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK). “When clients come to us they can start off with a ‘Critical Assessment’. That is a fundamental sanity check that assesses what, if any, technology analysis has been done so far and where more is required. They get a full report detailing the cost of a complete analysis, and how long it will take.

“Further assessment might cover anything from the skills of key staff to the quality of the product and development processes. For an Internet company, that might mean checking efficiency and scalability of their computer code; for a new electronic component it could be testing resilience to conditions and assessing the market demand. We act as a single point of contact, coordinating the whole process for the client.”

Asia now accounts for 32% of global research and development investment*, the second largest spender after North America. The opportunities for high-tech investors are growing all the time. With the success of start-up companies increasingly reliant on core technology, dealmakers are devoting greater resources to the process known as “technical due diligence” to complement financial and legal checks. Remarkable Innovation's independent analysis will give financiers the information they need to invest with confidence in fields like: infocomms, IT, advanced web applications and the physical sciences.

Remarkable Innovation will improve the accuracy and efficiency of the technology commercialisation process, bridging the gap between inventor and investor.

About Remarkable Innovation:
Remarkable Innovation (www.remarkableinnovation.com) provides research and technical services to those developing, or investing in, innovative technologies. Headquartered in Singapore, the company specialises in infocomms, IT, advanced web applications and the physical sciences. For more information, contact them by visiting www.remarkableinnovation.com/contact.

* According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics:

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