Liquid OM™ Water: Ancient Therapy Techniques Meet Modern Technology at Expo West 2007

Anaheim, CA, March 07, 2007 --( Founder of Liquid OM™ Water and Certified Sound Therapist, Kenny Mazursky will demonstrate first hand the powerful health benefits of Liquid OM Water at this year’s Natural Products Expo in Anaheim.

At the Liquid OM Water booth (#3265), attendees will have the opportunity to interact with cutting edge technology from Zyto™ and discover how Liquid OM™ reduces stress in 30 different vital organs and systems of the human body after only a few sips of water.

“It’s fantastic to be able to show someone their health profile, have them take a sip of Liquid OM™ and watch them discover how their health has instantly improved. The Zyto™ technology we utilize does just that,” Mazursky says.

Mazursky created a patent pending process to energize water with the balancing frequency of the Earth (136.10 Hz @432.10 Hz) based on sound therapy techniques and his studies with various indigenous cultures. The water has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce stress in 30 organs and systems. Liquid OM™ goes through an elaborate 6 step Ultra Purification Process, providing the highest standards of quality and taste available on the market.

As a certified sound therapist, Mazursky has used sound and vibration over the years to treat a variety of conditions such as terminal illness, infertility, insomnia, chronic pain, vertigo and anxiety.

Realizing that the majority of the human body is composed of water and understanding water’s unique properties to retain sound and memorize frequency information, Mazursky combines these fundamental principles to reach a much wider audience, thus creating Liquid OM™.

Liquid OM™ is dedicated to promoting harmony through the creation and distribution of frequency-enhanced products.  The Chicago-based company supports social and environmental initiatives by contributing a portion of each sale to various charities.

Liquid OM™ is available at large grocery chains, health food stores, spas and yoga studios across the country.

For more information on Liquid OM™ or its presence at Expo West 2007 (Natural Products Expo West, March 9-11, 2007), please visit, or email:

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