Eil.com Unearth Rare Autographed Seminal Joy Division Single

Eil.com, the world's leading provider of rare music & music memorabilia, have unearthed not only one of the rarest Joy Division singles but a superb copy that has been autographed by the entire band including Ian Curtis who effectively finished the band's when he committed suicide in 1980.

Meopham, United Kingdom, March 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The demise of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980 and the successful twenty five year career by the surviving members as New Order has fuelled an almost obsessive interest in early Joy Division releases in the collector's market. This first release is the definitive Joy Division collectable.

Before the legend that was Joy Division, there was a four piece Mancunian band called Warsaw. The first indication that they had something to set them apart from the dozens of other punk bands in the thriving local punk scene were these first 4 songs the band recorded at Pennine Sound studios in December 1977 To release the songs they set up their own label Enigma and released 1000 copies of their first recordings as a one off EP. The record sunk without a trace, partly due to the fact that the band were reluctant to promote it due to poor sound quality. The band then signed to Factory Records and refined their sound from their punk roots to the post punk sound that they were to immortalise in their brief two year career.

Moreover, the home made nature of this record: from guitarist Bernard Sumner's controversial image of a Hitler Youth drumming boy on the front, to the fold out 14" x 14" poster sleeve, to the fact that the band themselves packed the records & posters into sandwich wrappers at the home of drummer Steven Morris, to the fact that so few survived in any condition marks this as one of the top 10 collectables from the punk era.

Sourcing a signed copy is almost unheard of. As Steve Borkowski eil.com's long time expert in all things Joy Division remarks: "After years of searching for the rarest of the rare for our hungry collectors you think you have seen it all. Then along comes something akin to the holy grail for a collector. A signed copy of An Ideal for Living by Joy Division certainly fits into that category. Put it like this, our offices are staffed by people who have been collecting and buying records for over 20 years and everyone to a man downed tools to have a look at this piece. A collector out there is going to be made up when this beauty arrives at their front door."

Julian Thomas co-founder of eil.com was delighted with Steve's discovery. "This is what eil.com are all about. Finding the rarest quality music collectables anywhere in the world. It's taken over 20 years to come across a copy like this and it will probably be snapped up with 5 minutes by one of customers who has been waiting patiently for us to find it. Then it will be my job to nudge Steve and mention that we need to see if we can find another one". 

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