Walnut Creek Chiropractor Offers Pay-What-You-Can

Walnut Creek Chiropractor offers pay what you can fee system to help in tough economic times.

Walnut Creek, CA, May 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- "Box on the Wall" System Offered Due to Tough Economy

Sometimes, tough times call for a little thinking outside the box – and in this case, a box on the wall.

Walnut Creek Chiropractor David Ritchie is allowing patients to pay what they can per visit; essentially letting the patients set their own fee.

Ritchie, who owns Café of Life Chiropractic, has turned to the “Box on the Wall” system used more than 100 years ago by the first chiropractors seeking patients. The system truly is a box hung on the wall. Patients drop whatever amount of money they can afford for each visit in the box.

“It’s tough for everyone right now but that shouldn’t hold people back from getting the proper health care they need,” Ritchie said. “In the end, my patients get the care they need and hopefully I gain a few new patients and friends along the way.”

Ritchie’s practice is built on a holistic chiropractic approach that enables an individual to maintain a true state of health.

“Chiropractic is similar to dentistry in that it is better to prevent than to fix,” he said.

“I’d rather see my patients come in for the care they need on a regular basis and pay less than come in less frequently and pay higher fees,” he said.

Ritchie offers an orientation to all new patients describing the benefits of care and, also, how the Box on the Wall system works.

Many people think there’s a catch to the unique payment system.

“Nope, it’s pretty simple. If you follow a few basic rules, you can use the box and get exceptional chiropractic care. It’s that easy.”

Cafe of Life Chiropractic recently moved to a larger location on Citrus Circle in Walnut Creek as it grew out of its previous offices. The new location can accommodate the increasingly popular "Hour of Power" talks.

The talks focus on chiropractic care and allow patients to better understand the practice and meet Dr. Ritchie. The Hour of Power talks are held every Tuesday.

Ritchie will be holding an open house at his Cafe of Life on Saturday, May 28 from 10 AM to 1 PM. The event is at no charge and is open to the public.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Box on the Wall system or Café of Life Chiropractic can visit cafechiropractorwalnutcreek.com or stop by the office at 3000 Citrus Circle, Ste 106 in Walnut Creek.


David Ritchie
Cafe of Life Chiropractic
David Ritchie