TNT Infinite Publishing Sets Their Sights on June 19th for Joe Padre Release

TNT Infinite Publishing's Joe Padre the Don of B-Boy Mafia releases a new single as a solo artist. A new and different sound for west coast hip hop.

San Diego, CA, May 08, 2011 --( At first glance, one might think that the artwork for Joe Padre the Don’s new single “Check 123” is quite offensive or even anti-establishment, but for Joe just a reflection of reality. The eagle has long been heralded as a symbol of the United States since the founding fathers and still resonates strongly in contemporary US culture. However, Joe Padre claims that using such a beautiful, symbolically-powerful beast of nature with maimed wings and blood dripping down its cheek is not misplaced or for shock value. Rather, it is an accurate visual description of the perils we face today in our own country and abroad regardless of geographic location and cultural ties. recently interviewed Joe Padre and noted his group B-boy Mafia about the rising hip-hop scene in San Diego and what it means for the future. Joe speaks about how much talent is undiscovered and untapped in his city. Joe goes on, "Hopefully, his new release will help convince folks of that, or at least turn some ears and eyes in the direction of this fertile hip-hop breeding ground."

Joe P’s extensive catalog of collaborations, albums, and mix tapes is mostly attributed to the fact that he is first a producer, second a DJ and third, an artist. Joe’s first single as a solo-artist entitled “Check 123” is available now on iTunes and in stores. You can join him on Facebook at or get updates for upcoming projects on his website, For production inquiries, booking, or interviews, send email to and include your full contact info.

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