Superior Quality Foods Explains Rationale for BatchMaster ERP Selection

Laguna Hills, CA, March 10, 2007 --( According to Albert Barriga, vice president of operations, "All the systems Superior Quality Food evaluated were similar in respect that they followed Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Batchmaster (the ERP system selected) was more focused on the food industry. This helps us, for example, whenever we make a batch, because there will always be a partial batch of material left over at the end of the process. We wanted a system that would record those partial batches, so when we made the same product again, the first ingredient it would call for would be the partial batch (and plan the raw material for the rest)." Superior Quality Foods signed an agreement with BatchMaster in February 2005, and five months later completed the implementation in the inventory control module.

Using BatchMaster's Mobile Wireless Inventory System, all inventory transactions are scanned with wireless data collection devices, eliminated manual input errors. "We now bar code our entire inventory. We record all inventory movements in and out with bar bode scanners, updating BatchMaster and providing us with perpetual inventory immediately. We will always undertake a year-end inventory count, but the variances are now very small. Our inventory accuracy is now around 98 per cent," reported Barriga. As a result of the new ERP system, the Superior Quality Food team now has confidence in their financial numbers, so they are able to estimate their capital needs, and projected profitability for the year. Having accurate inventory has helped the company make better decisions, both strategically and tactically. The company is able to reduce costs as inventory is reduced. The bankers are now very happy with the company's inventory accuracy.

One of the common mistakes that small companies make is selecting an ERP system that is not focus on their industry. Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler reported how one food company, Superior Quality Food evaluated, selected, and benefited from their ERP selection in a recent issue of Industry 2.0 magazine. The full feature can be read at:

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