Red Barn Films, MA Announces Launch of Production - "Dudleytown Curse - the 49th Key"

Red Barn Films, Inc., a Massachusetts production company announced today that after two years of exhaustive research and investigation, it is launching the production of its independent feature teen horror film and book about the infamous and cursed village of Dudleytown, CT called "Dudleytown Curse - the 49th key." Some believe that Dudleytown is the scariest place on Earth. Red Barn Films believes that it will make the "scariest horror film on Earth."

Worcester, MA, March 08, 2007 --( Red Barn Films, Inc., a Massachusetts production company, announced today that after more than two years of exhaustive research and investigation, it is launching the production of its independent feature teen horror film and book about the infamous and cursed village of Dudleytown, Connecticut called “Dudleytown Curse – the 49th key”. Red Barn Films focuses exclusively on entertainment projects geared toward the teen market. The indie horror film, based on what Red Barn Films calls "utterly terrifying incidents" at Dudleytown, Connecticut, begins shooting in Fall, 2007. Pre-production starts April 1, 2007. Adam Campbell, a local Massachusetts screenwriter, who won the prestigious Chesterfield Award from Steven Spielberg’s company in two separate years, penned the screenplay. The book is expected to be released along with the feature film and documentary in 2008. The feature film will incorporate elements of a documentary film also produced by Red Barn Films, but the documentary will also be released apart from the independent feature film. Red Barn’s President, Douglas Kirkpatrick, an entertainment and production attorney, said in a statement that “this project will truly be a classic New England film” with all the ingredients for success. The Company will raise the financing in Massachusetts through private investors, and will take advantage of the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit of 25% and the Connecticut Tax Credit of 30%.

Red Barn Films’ interest in Dudleytown was sparked when it learned that the area is reportedly one of the most active epicenters of paranormal activity in the world, with hundreds of “phenomena” reported on an annual basis. Once an historic settlement, many, if not all, of its inhabitants met with ill fate, murder, insanity, and suicide, and now the village is abandoned -- only old stone foundations, and trespassers are forbidden by its now private landowners. There are reports of wispy apparitions and strange haze and mists that circulate through the dark Dudleytown woods. Once inside the woods surrounded by the shadows of three mountains, it appears almost as if it is night on even the brightest of days. Photos taken in Dudleytown have globules or streaks of energy visible, and at times form faces or facial features; strange mists or warped effects are present. Some claim to experience overwhelming and sudden feelings of terror upon visiting the tainted ground. Others say that they have felt psychic cold spots – the temperature feels sub-zero in pocket areas or spots. Many have seen mysterious lights, sights and sounds from the woods. There are also reports of extreme poltergeist activities – being punched, slapped, shoved, sudden changes in personality, and even outbreaks of sudden insanity and madness. Some have said they have been greeted by voices in the woods that seem to know personal details about them. There have been reported cases of temporary periods of demonic possession in people who visited Dudleytown.

Dan Ackroyd is reported to have said that Dudleytown is the “scariest place on Earth,” and Dennis Hauck, a renowned paranormal specialist, claims that Dudleytown is “considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States”. Some say that Dudleytown is damned, the legacy of the “Curse” placed on the Dudley family by King Henry VIII and his demonic minions nearly five hundred years ago in England. The sons of the cursed family fled England and settled in Dudleytown, Connecticut where the “Curse” is said to have followed them, and now is said to dwell within the land.

As part of its research, Red Barn Films, rented a house in nearby Cornwall, Connecticut (only one mile from Dudleytown) and housed a team of writers and documentary filmmakers for months to explore the lore, legend, and mythology of the “Dudleytown Curse”. Above all, the team’s mission was to find out the truth to the stories of missing teenagers in the area. Strangely, the team hired by Red Barn Films mysteriously disappeared and the small indie production company never heard from any of them again. Red Barn Films will use much of the materials gathered by its team in its feature film, documentary, and book.

Red Barn Films had originally partnered with Good News Holdings, a faith-based company on the film and book, but parted ways with Good News when Red Barn decided it wanted to do a strictly secular film, not centered in Christian ideology.

Further information regarding Dudleytown Curse – the 49th key, visit Please contact Douglas Kirkpatrick at or (508) 799-4900.

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