LifeStyles Furniture is Relocating to Davenport, Iowa

LifeStyles Furniture of Moline, IL is looking to expand and will be moving out of its smaller Illinois location to open a new 12,000 sqaure foot retail store in Davenport, Iowa this summer.

Moline, IL, May 09, 2011 --( LifeStyles Furniture™, presently located in Moline, IL, has announced it is expanding with a new facility in Davenport, Iowa. Moving to the Walnut Center off of Brady Street, the upscale furniture retailer will more than double its space to 12,000 square feet, making it one of the larger retail showrooms of contemporary furniture in the Midwest. The tentative move-in date is scheduled for July 1.

LifeStyles originally opened in 1991 in Moline and did have a second smaller location in Davenport for a brief time. In 2006, new ownership bought the retail establishment and changed the focus to entirely contemporary and high-end Scandinavian lines. In addition, they expanded the existing online business., along with another company owned by the same group,, are leading national sellers of furniture online, shipping furniture across the country.

"Up until now, we've had furniture in our warehouse that we've sold through the website that we didn't even have room to display on our showroom floor," explains Brian Banks, president of Triunity Interests, the parent company of the retail stores. "We'll now have two floors of fine furniture available to our local clients. They'll now have choices of furniture that they probably have never seen before unless they've been to our website. We will be expanding our in-store selection in all of the lines we carry and are currently negotiating with other manufacturers to add their brands after we move in."

Relocating to the Walnut Center also means a facelift to the facility. "We're returning to the look of the original Walnut Center with the exposed beams and high ceilings," says Mr Banks. "It will be reminiscent of the Chalet facility back when it occupied the space, but with some contemporary additions."

LifeStyles carries a wide assortment of leather and fabric sofas and chairs, dining room tables and chairs, bedroom sets, art and accessories. The selection comes from around the world, including Italy, Scandinavia, Africa, and America, and represents some of the finest quality furniture built. Although the brands presented have contemporary designs that are hard to find at other retail locations, Mr. Banks believes that the key ingredient is quality, "Our clients realize that by spending a little bit more on their furniture, they can get a quality piece that will last and look great for years, and retain its value over time. We like for customers to come into our store with the ability to take some time, talk to our staff, and actually learn about the differences in construction and materials. Those differences in quality will ultimately make a big difference in satisfaction over the years ahead."

LifeStyles Furniture is currently located at 3735 Avenue of the Cities in Moline, Illinois.

Triunity Interests Corporation
Brian Banks