Neo Socket Presents Neo Socket Alpha, Which is Tested to Save Gas Mileage and Reduce Toxic Emission on your Vehicles

Irvine, CA, March 08, 2007 --( Neo Socket ( presents Neo Socket alpha which is tested to save gas mileage and reduce toxic emission on your vehicles.

Electrolysis Condenser built-in to Neo Socket alpha supports the performance of all mechanics and electronics; engine will operate at its optimum combustion.

Neo Socket alpha is most effective when you are idling or when you are in a medium to heavy traffic. Vehicles wasting more fuel when making unnecessary stops and Neo Socket is designed to reduce gas consumption during the process. Also, number of tests on product shows that Neo Socket alpha reduces toxic emission caused by imperfect combustion.

Neo Socket alpha come in two different sizes. [Hi-Grade] is for larger cars with engine displacement of more than 2000cc and [ECO] is for smaller with engine displacement of less than 2000cc.

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