The Exploration of a Portrait; A Photo Essay

Makati City, Philippines, March 08, 2007 --( Pissedpoet Pics is proud to announce the presentation of their latest guest gallery, The Many Faces of……

One model, one camera, one photographer, one digital editing suite and one imagination are the recipe for this exciting body of work. This is where the rubber hits the road in the digital editing stakes.

Brazilian born, Dutch artist Dominique Landau has created a series of portraits of her daughter and through the use of digital editing has created some works of rare beauty and thoughtfulness. When viewed as a series they become a photo essay that explores the nature of the portrait and how the artist controls and manipulates the viewer’s perception.

“It is obvious that Dominique knows her subject well,” said Henry Bateman, the creative force behind “But these are not pictures by a doting parent, they are mature works that show the many facets of a truth and beauty uniquely seen and created through the eyes of an artist,” he added.

The Many Faces of …… can be seen in the guest gallery section of

About is the online presence of Expatriate Australian artist/photographer Henry Bateman which displays his abstract art, street photography and in the guest galleries a selection of art by artists from around the globe.

Dominique Landau is the daughter of acclaimed Latin American artist Myra Landau and a multi faceted artist in her own right working in photography, graphic design, silkscreen, stained glass, and glass sculptures.

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