Travelers Save on International Calls with CallingMart

CallingMart introduces an alternative to the expensive mobile international roaming for calling home country from overseas. International prepaid calling cards are accessible worldwide with an option to initiate calls from any country, regardless of the caller’s physical location.

Miami, FL, March 08, 2007 --( Most travelers opt for international roaming in their mobile phones to communicate with their family, business office, clients, and friends back home. While this is very convenient, it is also very expensive. CallingMart, an online calling card store, introduces a smart solution for international calling that is equally convenient but costs a lot less.

Calling rates are usually cheaper when calls originate from the US. Even if you are in a foreign country, it is possible to initiate calls from the US using the CallingMart’s latest calling features like Web Call, Click-to-call, PC-to-phone and SMS call. For instance, you are in China and you need to call your family in the US, with Web Call feature, simply login to your CallingMart account and go to the web call page. Have your US local phone number as the originating number and your number in China as the destination phone number, click “call”. Phones on both ends will ring when you are connected. Rates that will apply will be US-to-China instead of China-to-US even if you are physically in China. Web calling can also be accessed through PDA.

Click-to-call is another smart way to initiate an international call especially for business travelers. Click-to-call allows you to add a “call” button in your website and overseas callers can call your office at no charge to them no matter where they are physically located. Call charges are deducted against your prepaid calling card. PC-to-phone calling has similar concept except that instead of having a phone-to-phone conversation, one end uses a computer while the other one a regular phone line.

Finally, CallingMart offers an innovative way to make international calls from any country through a simple SMS or text message. Instead of activating your mobile roaming feature, you can simply use a local-based prepaid sim card with a balance just enough for text messaging. Register the prepaid mobile number in your CallingMart account and simply text the number to call to a CallingMart’s SMS access number and your call will be established. The message is as simple as “call 011-40-123456789”, or if registered this number in speed dial list from your CallingMart account to let’s say “John”, the message will be “Call John”. Again, with this feature, you can get US-to-overseas rate instead of the other way around, without the surprising roaming charges when you get back home.

About CallingMart
CallingMart is an online calling card store owned and operated by GlobalConnet, LLC. It provides international prepaid calling card services, wireless prepaid refill service and VOIP phone to customers worldwide. For more info, visit their website at

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