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Inductive Automation Announces the Release of FactorySQL 3.0 and FactoryPMI 2.0 Paving the Way for a Redundant Web Based SCADA System

FactoryPMI Version 2.0 and FactorySQL Version 3.0 Released - 'Clustering' feature provides redundancy and load balancing for a highly available web-launched SCADA solution

Inductive Automation Announces the Release of FactorySQL 3.0 and FactoryPMI 2.0 Paving the Way for a Redundant Web Based SCADA System
Sacramento, CA, March 08, 2007 --( Inductive Automation announces the release of industrial data bridge server FactorySQL Version 3.0 and web-launched SCADA server FactoryPMI Version 2.0. These releases include clustering and redundancy, features that virtually eliminate SCADA system downtime, while enabling cost-effective scale-out. Rounding out this release are an easy new charting component in FactoryPMI, and a new Block Data group type in FactorySQL.

FactoryPMI Version 2.0 and FactorySQL Version 3.0 are available immediately and are completely backwards compatible. Downloads can be found at Existing users can upgrade for free until July 1st.

Clustering and Redundancy
With the new clustering feature of FactoryPMI Version 2.0, system downtime can be reduced to a minimum. A multi-node server cluster is immune to single points of failure. In addition, client load is automatically spread out over the entire cluster for cost-effective scale-out, eliminating the waste of a hot-standby model. Best of all, configuring a cluster only requires a cluster name and optional password.

FactorySQL Version 3.0 features redundancy for mission critical applications. Redundant FactorySQL servers mean you never lose control of your system and ensure gapless historical data.

New Chart Component
With FactoryPMI Version 2.0, great charting gets even better. SCADA system designers can now create professional, interactive charts in no more than a few minutes. Historical or real-time, and easily printed or exported to Microsoft Excel, these charts are an invaluable tool for both the plant floor personnel and the executive management team.

Block Data Group
FactorySQL Version 3.0 features a new group type, the Block Data group. This new group type is designed to address a wide array of situations in FactorySQL that were previously difficult to configure. Block data groups allow the user to drag and drop OPC tags into columns, instead of rows, enabling quick and painless mirroring of OPC data in the database. Like standard groups, block data groups support full bi-directional communication, dynamic data addressing and triggering, opening up a large world of possible uses.

About Inductive Automation
Inductive Automation, an automation software company, was founded with the idea that industrial control systems and enterprise management systems should not be separate. Leveraging standard IT technologies, Inductive Automation’s products break the mold of proprietary, monolithic control system software.

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