New Photo Book Features "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light"

"Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light--Gifts of the Wild" is a new photo book by Kathleen M.K. Menke/Crystal Images to be released April 2007. The book's website is:

Haines, AK, March 09, 2007 --( "Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light--Gifts of the Wild" by Kathleen M.K. Menke is a new photo book featuring light in the far north and all that flows from it--including the region's wildlife, alpine and arctic wildflowers, glaciers, northern lights, the midnight sun, the light of people who live close to the land & more.

The book, to be released April 2007, is primarily a celebration of spring, the awakening season, which, in the far north is a time of rapidly increasing daylight and dramatic changes to the landscape. Through Menke's images, one experiences the light and music of spring break-up, the wild light of a wolf reflected into one's own, the melting snows, the greening grasses, the light of migration, mating, and new birth, the light of the midnight sun on summer solstice in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, glacial light, the dancing lights of northern nights, and much more. "These vivid images eloquently reflect the beauty of this luminous land. Kathleen's lens is a reverent portal," says Alaskan wildlife biologist and artist, Tim Shields.

Featured wildlife includes bears, wolves, Dall sheep, moose, porcupine, beaver, snowshoe hares, hoary marmots, caribou, arctic ground squirrels, trumpeter swans, gray jays, snow geese, humpback whales, bald eagles, raven, Yukon elk, and more. Regions featured include Southeast Alaska, the Yukon, parts Denali National Park, Kluane World Heritage Site, Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and parts of British Columbia. Though the book focuses primarily on spring, the full cycle of the seasons throughout a year complete it.

Menke describes her feelings about light in the far north in her book's introduction. "The light of the far north is unique and varied. There are the soft-hued days and dark nights of winter, the bright, vigorous and long days of summer, and the transition periods of spring and autumn, when light is rapidly gained and lost. From dawn to dusk, from clear to stormy skies, from an autumn moon to a midnight sun, from the colors of the rainbow to the pulsing aurora, we embrace the light. Light's energy flows through all wild spirits. Life and light are inseparable...Light is what allows the snowshoe hare to jump, the beaver to build, and the raven to soar. Light reflects back to us in the eyes of a wild wolf."

Kathleen Marie Kennell Menke has been professionally photographing subjects that capture her interest and her heart for over twenty years. Her work has been published in numerous regional, national, and international publications. Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light is her second book. Her photo book, "Haines for All Seasons--Northern Exposures from Alaska Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other", was published in 2005.

"Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light", printed by InterPress Ltd., is 8.5" x 10", 80 pages with 175 full-color original photographs by Kathleen Menke, with quality printing on fine art paper, pages stitched, with a laminated perfect bound cover.

"Alaska/Yukon/Arctic Light" is available directly from the photographer/publisher and in regional book stores and gift shops. The book's website is

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