Releases Voice Changer Software 5.5 All Editions

Nicosia, Cyprus, March 09, 2007 --( AVnex Ltd. has just officially announced the release of Voice Changer Software version 5.5 on their website

All the three editions of AV Voice Changer Software version 5.5 are launched this time: economy edition Voice Changer Software, professional edition Voice Changer Software Gold, and deluxe edition Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Those editions were upgraded with many features and the overall quality was improved as well. However, the prices stay the same for all editions: $29.95 for Voice Changer Software, $59.95 for Gold Edition and $99.95 for Diamond Edition.

Voice Changer Software 5.5 is now equipped with new MP3 player for changing singer’s voice and editing music. Users will find its Sound Quality better which helps them create better altered voice outputs. The fabulous audio library including 10 male and 10 female nickvoices, 10 comparator voices and 30 audio effects is a perfect choice for ready-to-use purpose.

Voice Changer Software Gold 5.5 includes all the features of Voice Changer Software 5.5, plus new Parody Maker and new Voice Analyzer. The library adds 8 animal nickvoices and 5 comparator voices.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.5 comprises new Parody Mixer along with all other features of Voice Changer Software 5.5 and Voice Changer Software Gold 5.5.

All editions include excellent customer support. Help Center will follow all customer problems that they experience with Voice Changer Software.

For the release promotion, users can purchase any edition at 5% off the list price. The offer lasts for 15 days. For more information, visit

Users can also download the limited demo versions of these voice changing programs securely from CNET

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