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For small business marketers, public relations can drive media attention, attract customers, and multiply sales. Caroline Melberg tells how in this E-Book.

Minneapolis, MN, March 13, 2007 --( Small Business Mavericks, a division of Melberg Marketing, today announced the launch of its new book, downloadable as a PDF, called "How to Get Massive Publicity for Your Local Small Biz—Even on a Shoestring Budget!"

“It’s no longer true—if it ever was—that you can build a better mousetrap and have the world beat a path to your door,” said Caroline Melberg, President of Melberg Marketing, Inc. “A successful business owner has to find affordable ways to get the word out about superior products and services, and one of the best ways to do that is solid public relations.”

There are rules, Melberg says, about what sort of small business events make good announcements and what sorts don’t. About how to choose spokespeople, plan and stagger release schedules, and track results. About how to find appropriate media, and approach them without being a nuisance.

Available for $39, the new 113-page book introduces small business owners to every important concept in planning a public relations campaign. A 20-year veteran of both large companies such as AT&T and small startups (including one that went on to spectacular success), Melberg reveals specific tactics that she illuminates with colorful success stories of real small business owners who found ways to get attention that far exceeded expectations. Among the topics the book discusses are:

• PR as a complement to other marketing tactics
• Success stories from real-world entrepreneurs
• Eleven milestones that provide a basis for great announcements
• Creative opportunities for great PR overlooked by most small business owners
• Critical components in presentation and structure
• How to plan for and find the best distribution outlets
• Media types: Understanding the differences between local media, Internet media, mainstream press, bloggers, and trade magazines
• Keys to follow-up: How not to be a nuisance
• Ideas for powerful publicity events
• How to track your results

...and much more. “The techniques Caroline teaches are simple, down-to-earth and extremely effective. She really cares about the success of small businesses and knows how to provide them with the information they need to succeed online!” says Sue Corning, a successful small business owner in Arizona.

Small Business Mavericks is so sure you’ll find value in "How to Get Massive Publicity for Your Local Small Biz—Even on a Shoestring Budget!" that the company is offering the book with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Download it now at

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