Launches the Video Powered Business Center

Business networking is great however they are not enough to do business, the business communication center by (PMBCom) will cover the rest, from personal tools through visual showcase to communication.

Marseille, France, March 11, 2007 --( (Marseille, France) has launched a new enterprize. The Business Communication Center. A features rich business system developed to enable business users to show their products and capabilities, run an online office initialize immediate communication. As expected from a well known video systems experts the PMBCom system has video capabilities where users can present their business using video presentation. "As a respected user of the Linkedin, I am well aware of the great tool that business networks offer however they just fill your address book rather then allow you tools to use it much more efficiently", Says Amit Mendelsohn the owner and founder of "I established the PMBCom system because I have plenty of contacts and I would like to make a better use of this."

The PMBCom offers plenty of features such as: Office basic tools: Issues tracking, Address book, Events calender etc... Public exhibition tools: Products showcase, mage gallery, Classified ads, Articles and press releases, Reccomended bookmarks and of course Video presentation.

"Video is a tool we expected to be popular 12 years ago, we just didn't know it will be delayed for so long. Even now most people are not capable of using their basic webcam to create a little video. However it will soon become a major method for business presentation," continued Mr. Mendelsohn who wrote a lot of articles about the subject as well as a book (currently available online as free download only in Hebrew).

The PMBcom is accessible through the web at or via an independent Windows desktop software. The software contain the tools required to create a video blog/ presentation as well as convert and upload a professional ready made presentation. The software can be downloaded from the same link.

"If indeed people will use video presentation, we have the tool to provide them exposure via our TV portal the Videowebgate, as well as through the Xone8 another project we are taking part in," promised Mr. Mendelsohn who serves as a consultant for several IPTV, WebTV and Internet projects.

"Every user has Article editor and we are negotiating with several content providers to have premier access to these publication so that our writers will be also paid for them." Even though though the PMBCom is full of features Mr. Mendelsohn promises to keep adding tool upon demand. "If our user will need more tools we will be happy to provide it, Private message boards and personal chat rooms will be provided for any user that will ask for it."

The PMBCom is going to be a major tool for business networks users however private users can find it very useful also and sooner or later it will become a huge Yellow pages bundled with an international online exhibition.

Amit Mendelsohn