Announces Launch of New On-line Prayer Group

MillionPrayer is a new website which creates an on-line prayer group. Users can come to the site and create prayers and let others add support for the prayers, creating an on-line community.

Atlanta, GA, March 13, 2007 --( MillionPrayer today launched a new website which offers its users the ability to post their prayers on a community website, much like they would share a prayer with a prayer group. The site allows its users to create their own personal web pages and upload pictures and movies of themselves to keep the community updated on their prayers. As people come to the site and read the prayers, they can leave support by posting a message on the prayer page.

"We are excited to launch the site, and think people will find it is a great way to get on-line and share a prayer with others," says co-founder Jake Moilanen. "We think people will come and visit, and decide to keep coming back. We think this could be a MySpace for prayers."

The site offers a unique way to browse prayers by looking at people's pictures and reading their prayers at the same time. As people find prayers that they like, they can leave a comment to support the person making the prayer.

The site has set a goal to reach one million prayers, and has stated that it will donate proceeds from the website to charity when it reaches that goal. As people place prayers on the site, they get to choose the charity to donate the money to, making the winning charity the one chosen by the members of the site.

"We think this can become a special community for people," says co-founder Mike Abernethy.

To check out the new site, visit them at

Mike Abernethy