"The Retreat" Film Nominated for Three Awards at the Staten Island Film Festival

“The Retreat,” a Sag short film, which premiered at the Big Apple Film Festival in Nov. 2010, has just been included in the Staten Island Film Festival 2011 list of festival nominations. Director Chelsea Marino has been nominated for the following three categories: Best Director, Best New Filmmaker, and Best Actress. This news comes right after “The Retreat” received an “Indie Special Soul Recognition” award at the Boston International Film Festival 2011.

New York, NY, June 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- “The Retreat” was produced by The Retreat LLC, co-founded by Oneca Hitchman, Chelsea Marino and Emi Soekawa, and with the support of Robert von Dassanowsky of Belevedere Films LLC.

Hitchman, Marino, and Soekawa, all met while working as extras for a week on the set of a Drew Barrymore romantic comedy shooting in downtown Manhattan, 2009. During time in holding, they each shared their professional goals and spoke about the kinds of roles they wanted to see available for women. That same week, they decided to write, produce and direct from scratch, a film that they could be proud to both act in and say that they created. Conceptualizing the story and writing began while they were still on set, and the wheels of pre-production were set in motion.

The Independent Sag short film, “The Retreat,” introduces three childhood friends who are living wildly different versions of an unfulfilled life; Margaret, a distracted editor of a major entertainment “Tween” magazine, Skyler, a quirky animal rights activist, and Natasha a former dancer, who is now married to a stringent corporate job. Unaware of each others’ trials, all three women are brought back together when their fourth childhood friend, Onya, restarts her mother’s restorative retreat in their hometown and reaches out for their help. During their week at home, the four friends find it hard to keep recent secrets in their lives from each other and are forced to honestly view the power of their life choices.

"The Retreat" is showing in two film festivals in the upcoming weeks. On June 7th it is screening at the Hoboken International Film Festival and on June 10th it is screening at the Staten Island Film Festival, which, as mentioned by Major Bloomberg, is this year extending free tickets to all festival screenings.

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