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Uniform Advantage Upgrades Its "Advantage Earth" Program

Uniform Advantage announced recently that it has implemented greener practices around the office. Among its “green efforts,” Uniform Advantage made significant additions to the break room as well as to each staff member’s desk, and plans to further improve the environmental cleanliness of the corporate office will continue.

Plantation, FL, May 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Uniform Advantage, the leading retailer of scrubs and medical uniforms, has recently upgraded their “Advantage Earth” program around their corporate offices. As part of this program, Uniform Advantage made significant additions to their break room and individual work spaces last year. The most recent phase in their “Advantage Earth” program was an upgrade in the break room to larger and more efficient recycling containers.

First, Uniform Advantage’s “Advantage Earth” program placed two recycling bins in their break room, to encourage employees to be more eco-conscious when throwing away or recycling items. The second step taken in the “Advantage Earth” was twofold. First they supplied a medium-sized recycling bin at each employee’s desk. Each recycling bin was marked with a large sticker that outlined what can and cannot be recycled in the building’s comingled recycling container. This implementation made it much easier and more convenient for employees to recycle on a regular basis. In conjunction with the recycling bins placed at each desk, Uniform Advantage placed 1.5 liter sized mini trash bins at each desk. With mini trash bins, employees became more aware of how much of the items we use on a daily basis can actually be recycled as opposed to thrown away. The second part of this step was to discontinue the use of Styrofoam coffee cups around the office, which are not only harmful to the environment but also wasteful. Uniform Advantage switched out the disposable Styrofoam coffee cups and gave each employee a Uniform Advantage mug with the “Advantage Earth” slogan “’Scrub’-bing away waste, one day at a time” on them.

The third and most recent step in the “Advantage Earth” program was the installment of upgraded recycling containers and trash bins in the break room. Three large containers were placed by the exit door of the break room intended for commingled recyclable items. Additionally, there are two smaller trash bins placed on the opposite side of the break room, consequentially making recycling much easier to do. The break room is now fully equipped to make recycling around the office a permanent practice.

Founded in 1985, Uniform Advantage began as a retail business. In 1994, Uniform Advantage started its own line of scrubs called UA Scrubs® and ventured into the catalog business one year later. In 1997, Uniform Advantage created a separate entity through their online business: www.UniformAdvantage.com. Over the past 26 years, Uniform Advantage has continued to grow into a company known for its excellence in customer service and quality. Uniform Advantage has always cared about their customers and, now, with the advent and growth of their “Advantage Earth” program, they are proactively caring for the environment too.

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Uniform Advantage is a leading retailer of scrubs and medical uniforms. Founded in 1985, the company operates out of Plantation, Florida and ships from their distribution center near Atlanta, Georgia. It has grown to include 27 scrubs stores located in key cities across the US and Canada, a catalog division and an entity dedicated to the online market.

For more information and to view their scrubs, visit the Uniform Advantage web site at http://www.UniformAdvantage.com or call 800-283-8708.

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