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Uniform Advantage
Uniform Advantage

Uniform Advantage has been proudly serving the medical industry for over 20 years, specializing in providing well-made, comfortable nursing scrubs, medical lab coats, and surgical caps. In addition to their own product line, Uniform Advantage carries Landau Scrubs, Cherokee Uniforms, Dansko Shoes, Dickies Scrubs and many other name brands.


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Uniform Advantage

We take pride in our reputation and position in the world of professional uniforms and scrubs. For more than twenty years, the name Uniform Advantage® has meant style, quality and, above all, customer satisfaction.

Since its inception in 1985, Uniform Advantage has grown from having a single South Florida Uniform store to operating 27 Scrubs stores in key cities across the US and Canada.

In 1994 our company began manufacturing its own line of scrubs called UA Scrubs®. Since then, we have continued to upgrade our UA Scrubs® line, and UA has added several more unique medical uniform brands to cater to each of our customer's needs and preferences. The UA Scrubs®, Happy Scrubs® and Butter Soft Scrubs® brands have become "standards" for medical uniforms & nursing uniforms.

Since adding a medical scrubs catalog in 1995 and a website in 1997 as a separate entity from our retail stores, we continue to provide our style, quality and customer satisfaction to a progressively larger market both nationally and, more recently, globally.

In the competitive world of medical uniforms, our name is synonymous with fine quality combined with favorable pricing in both our retail business ventures and web-based platform.

Our uniform company has also always served the hospitality & chef uniform industry, and because we strive to satisfy all of our customers' needs, we created our own line of chef uniforms in 2006. ChefUniforms.com® adds a dimension of choices and comfort to the hospitality and chef uniform industry, without sacrificing quality and cost.