New Album Release "Slide to eternity" by SimCut Music

SimCut Music is releasing a new trance album "Slide to eternity."

Zagreb, Croatia, May 17, 2011 --( The album "Slide to eternity" is the first album to be released by SimCut Music. This is a trance album with a certain "spin." The songs are more dance like with verse - chorus - verse - chorus type of arrangements. Nevertheless, other trance ingredients are still preserved. Typical trance rhythm, pumping bass lines in between drum kicks and typical trance synth sounds are still present.

The album is scheduled to be released at August 1st 2011. On SimCut Music's official website is a video with a heading single "Slide to eternity," a song after which the whole album is named.


SimCut is a new breed of trancers. He didn't start his career as other trancers did - DJ-ing in clubs and making music using samples. He started as a performing artist. He performed as a guitarist in various venues across Europe, mostly in Germany.

After that SimCut gathered an acoustic trio. They performed mostly Croatian folk music.

After more than 15 years of his guitar performer experience, SimCut decided to learn how to play keyboards. It pushed him to a totally new direction – trance and electronica. After learning the basics of keyboard playing he discovered a computer as a great medium for music creation. He wanted to be able to create his music from scratch using nothing but computer. This is how SimCut Music is born.

SimCut Music
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