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The co-op B2B search engine and industrial directory increases offerings for sealants, epoxies and other strong adhesives

Springfield, MA, May 19, 2011 --( IndustrialCOOP announced this morning it now offers a wider range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants such as gasketing & pipe sealing, retaining compounds and threadlockers in its extensive Adhesives Directory at The B-to-B search engine said the directory helps engineers, plant maintenance, construction companies, metal fabricators, wood workers, jobbing shops, PCB manufacturers and other manufacturing companies worldwide find and compare high performance standard and custom formulated adhesive and sealant products such as UV-curable, acrylic, epoxy, instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate), woodworking glues, hot melts, structural, polyurethane, concrete, silicone, plastic, single-part & two-part epoxies, anaerobic, rubber-to-metal adhesives. Bonding agents, and allied products.

Chase Sanderson, spokesman for the Industrial Search Engine said IndustrialCOOP's continued customer focus was the reason behind the launch of its new directory which now presents over 200 Adhesives Manufacturers at selected by its team of editors, many of which he said are engineers specializing in the manufacturing and technical fields. According to Sanderson, the sealants and adhesive products in the directory are engineers for a variety of applications such as MRO, aerospace, filtration systems, automotive, marine, electronics, HVAC, glass market, medical devices, pipes & valves, pumping systems, water treatment, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), transportation, construction, woodworking, scientific & laboratory, metal fabrication and other segments of the industrial marketplace.

“Some of the more sought after types of adhesives and sealants searched for by users of IndustrialCOOP includes two-part epoxy which are commonly used to bond a variety of engineering materials as well as single-part epoxy adhesives which are used for bonding many other kinds of materials,” said Sanderson. He explained “Both kinds of epoxies are ideal for those in need of a high standard bonding solution similar to what one can expect from rapid-curing, structural acylics, UV light curable, cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesive as well as anaerobic sealants and adhesives, all of which can be found on IndustrialCOOP in custom formulated or standard form as required by companies worldwide.” Sanderson went on to say the B-to-B search engine is currently accepting listings from qualified suppliers of epoxy, hot melt, bonding and other sealing products. All listings are subject to approval and requires a thorough review of the supplier's website, said Sanderson.


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