SEO Expert Provides Online Advice and Education Services to Small Businesses Across the Nation

Prospect Genius, a local Internet marketing company, seeks to serve small business owners across the nation with their new educational newsletters.

Troy, NY, May 19, 2011 --( Prospect Genius, a local Internet marketing company, seeks to serve small business owners across the nation with their new educational newsletters. These monthly e-mail newsletters provide an evolving resource for independent companies to stay up to date on new technological developments and market trends that might affect them, which, in turn, allows them to serve their customers better as well. Prospect Genius's educational newsletters are also posted on their blog, offering accessibility for both current PG customers via e-mail and Internet users in general via their blog. These monthly newsletters exemplify the company's commitment to helping small businesses in a holistic sense. While Prospect Genius seeks to directly assist these businesses through their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program, PG also has a deep commitment to helping small and local businesses thrive and succeed by being well informed.

Alex Pelli, president of Prospect Genius, says, “At Prospect Genius, we understand what it's like to own and operate a small business. We know that daily operations can be difficult enough, and even the savviest businessman doesn't always have the time to stay up to date regarding developments that might be of use to them. That's why, if we come across information or advice that we think might be useful to small business owners, we share it through our newsletters. These are essentially PSAs (public service announcements) for local companies."

The content of the newsletters could be anything from advice on how to vet a potential outsourcing partner to how to integrate social media like Facebook into their business model. This provides a resource for local companies on small issues that can have a major impact on the success of their business. As Pelli comments, "Our PSA newsletters provide a way for small companies to stay informed about the changing business landscape that they operate in and allow us to create a connection to the small business community that goes beyond our SEO service.”

In the age of the Internet, there is an incredible amount of information out there on how to operate a business, but not all of it is sound. Business owners who read the PG newsletters and blog posts, however, can be assured that the information they get is both accurate and current. These educational resources are geared both to PG's own clients and to small business owners at large, which means that there is an established trust already in play regarding the content that is posted. In addition, Prospect Genius's status as an established SEO provider and its well-publicized integrity pledge set the company apart from other so-called business experts who post advice online. Business owners who want to know about the latest news and helpful hints can rest assured that the information they get from PG's PSAs is well researched and fairly presented. Pelli states, “We don't post any advice or information that we wouldn't take ourselves.”

The Prospect Genius PSA campaign is representative of the company's commitment to customer service and the small business model. As an educational tool, the PG newsletters and blog are designed to assist all types of small business owners who are looking for a trusted source of current information about effectively operating a small business in the current climate. The PG blog can be found on their Web site:

Prospect Genius is a local, Internet marketing firm that uses SEO to connect clients with local customers who use online searches to locate their services.

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