The New “Affordable” 100% Angora Sweater Introduced by Angora Knit for You

Fairhaven, MA, May 19, 2011 --( Princess Kate recently may have made angora famous with her angora sweater worn over her after wedding attire but Angora Knit for You have made it affordable with their newest angora sweater creations. Called the “affordable angora sweater,” this item targets all the people who love the heirloom quality of 100% angora, the fluffy nature and the beautiful soft look of this fiber, but cannot afford to spend $700 for such a luxury item.

Diane Antonietta has been at the helm of Angora Knit for You over 12 years. A website born from her love of the fluffy, soft and warm fiber and the fact that the rabbit is unharmed in the spinning and molting process that produces, what she believes is “the finest angora yarn on earth.” Over the years she has been the top angora web site catering to a very elite and exclusive clientele, many repeat customers and some rather note-worthy designs custom created from customer’s instructions.

The new “affordable angora sweater” is a loose knit design, although still very fluffy and full. This angora is so much longer haired than the machine spun variety that it fills in the whole sweater. “It really is time for angora to make a comeback.” says Diane, “it was very widespread in the 40’s and 50’s helping woman (and men) to create a soft, sensual look. Although it is harder to find today, with the internet making just about everything immediately accessible Angora Knit for You is only a click away.” By designing this new sweater Ms. Antonietta is hoping to capture a whole new group of people, to whom previously such a luxury item would be unthinkable. Using the philosophy that everything old is new again she is hoping to see angora make a comeback into the general public, and with the help of Princess Kate on April 29th she feels her vision is quickly going to become a reality.

Visit to see the literally hundreds of custom designs created over the years and to view the new affordable sweater. Ringing up at just $395 it is a little more than half the price of most of the other 100% angora sweaters featured at the site and can be custom made with variations to suit the customer.

Angora Knit for You
Diane Antonietta