Nation’s Most Visited Winery Benefits from Stonhard Protective Floor, Wall and Lining Systems

Recently, Stonhard, world leader in seamless floor, wall and lining systems, revamped floors and walls in Biltmore Winery’s production facilities.

Maple Shade, NJ, May 20, 2011 --( The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC is best known for being America’s largest home. Biltmore is also home to the most visited winery in the country – one that has been producing award-winning wines for more than 25 years.

Each year, Biltmore Winery harvests and processes 250 tons of grapes in its impressive production facilities, operating under a vigorous schedule that takes a heavy toll on its floors. Many floors in Biltmore’s production facilities were original to the building, and after 25 years of wear and tear, needed refurbishment. Additionally, the painted walls in the winery continually peeled in the harsh environment and had been repainted several times in an attempt to remedy the situation. The condition of Biltmore’s floors and walls not only troubled Biltmore management, but also presented aesthetic concerns, since many parts of the facility are open to public tours, welcoming thousands of wine enthusiasts each year. Biltmore management knew the positive benefits that new floors and walls would bring to their facilities and began searching for a solution that could address all their needs.

Biltmore Winery found their solution – with Stonhard. Management at Biltmore is beyond satisfied with how Stonhard helped transform their production facilities and improve work conditions. “Our experience working with Stonhard was nothing but positive,” said Bill Lynch, Biltmore’s Production Manager. “The floors look beautiful and I’m confident that they, along with the walls, will be there for many, many years,” he added.

In 2008, Stonhard began by conducting a careful analysis of Biltmore’s needs and designed a multi-phase plan that included floor, wall and lining systems that would perform well in this type of production environment. When Biltmore planners were skeptical whether a wall coating could stand up to the conditions in their facilities, Stonhard installed on-site samples to demonstrate the durability of the Stonglaze product. Biltmore was impressed by Stonhard’s offerings and between 2008 and 2010, Stonhard installed more than 8,800 square feet of flooring and 7,500 square feet of wall coatings in Biltmore’s facilities.

Stonhard’s Stonclad UT floor system was installed in the tank room and grape processing areas. These areas also received application of the Stonglaze VSC wall system. Stonclad UT is a highly resistant polyurethane mortar floor system that provides a durable floor surface that can withstand heavy wear, impact, abrasion, thermal shock and thermal cycling. Stonglaze VSC was able to remedy all of Biltmore’s former wall problems by providing a smooth, easy to clean, chemical resistant wall surface. Stonhard installed Stonclad GS in Biltmore’s champagne bottling area and car exhibit space. Sealed with Stonkote HT4, the new floor cured to a durable, easy to clean surface that can withstand heavy traffic. Stonclad HT with HT4 was also installed in a batching room and elevator lobby. In addition, Stonhard completed outdoor work at the Biltmore facility. Stonchem 441, a weatherproof and protective lining, was applied to the outdoor welcome cabana and Stonclad UR was used to complete an outdoor fountain basin.

Throughout each installation phase, Stonhard was attentive to Biltmore’s specific area concerns. Odor control during installation was imperative for Biltmore, as were the needs for Stonhard’s crews to work around stationary equipment and to complete some of their work at night, to accommodate Biltmore’s production and public tour schedules.

The Stonhard Difference
Stonhard is the unprecedented world leader in manufacturing and installing high performance polymer floor, wall and lining systems. Stonhard maintains 300 product engineers and 175 application crews worldwide who will work with you on design specifications, project management, final walk through and service after the sale. And, Stonhard’s single source warranty covers both products and installation.

For more information on Stonhard’s complete line of seamless, high performance floor systems visit us at or call 800.257.7953. Stonhard is a member of the United States Green Building Council.

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Jena Mazzio