24x7 Network & D3 Corp Launch ColtsHeritage.com

Baltimore, MD, March 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- 24x7 Network, LLC, the parent company for the very popular fan site ProFootball24x7.com along with their site designer D3 Corp have created a new site called ColtsHeritage.com. 

Besides providing an informative summary of the Baltimore Colts’ history, the site’s primary purpose is to petition the Pro Football Hall of Fame to properly recognize the careers of the Baltimore Colts. 

The site also features a photo history and a message board for fans to share their thoughts and memories of the Baltimore Colts’ rich heritage. 

According to ProFootball24x7.com's founder Tony Lombardi, “The Baltimore Colts will never play another NFL game but at least their memory should remain alive and young fans and future fans deserve to understand the historical significance and relevance of Baltimore in the league’s remarkable history.” 

Recently USA Today’s Sports Weekly featured this “noble endeavor” in “The Inside Scoop.” The feature included commentary from Hall of Fame historian Joe Horrigan who stated, “We don’t rewrite history. We merely present it.”

Lombardi concurs but adds, “Then let’s present it accurately.

“If Art Modell had made the mistake of keeping the Browns’ name and colors when he moved to Baltimore, as a fan of the Baltimore franchise I would not want to be tied to the records or legacies of Otto Graham or Jim Brown. That would deprive Cleveland of their football heritage. Similarly, I don’t believe that the good people of Indianapolis want to be tied to Johnny Unitas and Lenny Moore.”

D3 Corp President John Gehrig adds, “We want to be very clear on this – our efforts aren’t about bringing back the Colts’ name and colors. That now belongs to the city of Indianapolis. The team’s history prior to 1984 does not. To display history inaccurately in the league’s hallowed shrine which was built to do exactly the opposite, is an injustice to those players that made history, the league that enabled it and the shrine that presents it.”

The site’s online petition is supported by retired Baltimore Colts and other current and retired players in the NFL. For more information log on to www.coltsheritage.com. 


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