Tri-Force in Recruitment Overdrive after Increased PHP Development Demand

Tri-Force Pvt. Ltd, a software development company in India, is hiring a number of new PHP developers to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand for PHP-based web development projects.

Ahmadabad, India, May 26, 2011 --( PHP development is taking the world of website development by storm, and most businesses want their websites developed using PHP. And the reasons for this insistence are obvious: not only does PHP facilitate the development of multiple dynamic pages compatible with a number of other technologies, it also cuts down the time and effort required to build the website.

Almost all small, mid size, and large organizations need to develop or upgrade their websites; consequently, there is a great demand for PHP development. Offshore development centers like India can fulfill these web development needs at low cost, and so a number of companies from US, UK and Europe are outsourcing small and large web development projects to India.

This increasing popularity for PHP development had been foreseen by a number of software development companies and educational institutes in India, and as a result, Indian companies have access to a vast pool of talented PHP developers.

Tri-Force, a reputed software development company with branches both in US and India, has seen a sharp increase in number of companies approaching it for PHP-based web development.

Tri-Force has been involved in web development for a long time, and has built PHP-based website for a number of satisfied clients. The company also has a rock-solid reputation in the US owing to the presence of its top-management there. A recent survey by a Wharton School of Business scholar found out that Tri-Force’s clients recommend its services to others, and come back to the company for other software development work because they feel they can rely on Tri-Force to deliver quality products on time.

Tri-Force has been awarded a number of PHP development projects by companies across the world, and in order to meet the requirements of numerous projects, Tri-Force has begun the process of hiring PHP developers. The company has been hiring PHP developers since last few months, and its quality products have satisfied more clients, bringing further web development work.

“Our needs are increasing with the increase in demand for PHP developers in the market. Our developers are chosen from the best institutions, and the team is centered around a team leader who has successfully worked on a number of projects. India has a lot of talented PHP developers and our special screening process ensures that we hire the cream, capable of developing innovative and smoothly functioning websites.”

“Our developers are driven to succeed, and in addition to proper technical knowledge, they are also good at communicating in English. A good PHP developer is not so good when he cannot comprehend the client’s ideas. All the PHP developers at Tri-Force possess above-average English-speaking skills. The need for PHP development is set to increase with time, and we are keen to capitalize on the skills large number of PHP developer in Indian market. Our effort is to create many teams of PHP developers, so that we can complete multiple projects quickly.”

Tri-Force is one the few companies consistently getting work from its client’s aboard, as it has established its reputation as genuine company capable of developing striking websites and delivering them on time. This has landed the company many new projects to hire a number of new employees.

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Jigar Shah