Telecom Italia to Speak at Femtocells World Summit on Monetising Femto-Enhanced Applications and Services

Mobile operators can easily monetise femto-enhanced applications and services which provide tailored, customer-centric experiences to mobile users. This is according to Camillo Carlini of Telecom Italia’s Home Network and Handset Engineering division.

London, United Kingdom, May 23, 2011 --( Telecom Italia is a pioneer in the femtocell industry and during the upcoming Femtocells World Summit in London, Camillo Carlini will present the company’s latest initiatives to enable, develop and test femto-enhanced applications. The event will bring together more than 350 industry experts in London from 21-23 June, at what is the only global event of its kind.

Femtocell more than a full mobile service provider

Says Telecom Italia’s Camillo Carlini: “With applications, femtocells’ value proposition goes well beyond providing coverage and enriches the customer’s user-experience by creating a full service environment. Operators can easily monetise femto-enhanced applications and services given that mobile operators directly control the applications capabilities on femtocells and customers interested in a particular service can add it to their contract.”

He continues: “The Femtocell recognises the customer as soon as they enter their home and enhances mobile devices’ capabilities and supported services. Also, in public spaces mobile phones and devices become aware of where they are, and can receive relevant information and ask the customers for context related actions.”

Femtocells in our everyday lives

According to Camillo Carlini, femtocell applications can make an immediate impact on people’s lives. He explains: “When you are at work, the femtocell can make you aware of who is at home, such as your children or family members, and when you return you can automatically receive messages left for you, as well as automatically switch the air conditioning on, and your mobile phone synchronized with your new media server contents.

“Additionally, your mobile phone itself is aware of being at home and can change to different interfaces and applications, more suitable for home rather than office.” He adds: “When you go out and use, let’s say, metro transportation, femtocell applications help you to be recognized at the metro entrance and allow you to go in if you have already paid; or mobile payment would be possible through femto applications.”

Telecom Italia’s Camillo Carlini says another example of an outdoor application is visiting a museum: “The femto application will know in front of which artwork you are, delivering the related description content to play on your mobile. In a shopping mall, femtocell applications will present you with real-time alerts of price changes and special offers based on your tastes and preferences.”

The Femtocells World Summit, organised in exclusive partnership with the Femto Forum, brings together the femtocell ecosystem to discuss the latest developments and experiences with femtocell deployments worldwide.

Improved coverage only the start

The chairman of the Femto Forum, Simon Saunders says femtocell deployments are growing rapidly with the majority of major operator groups now offering services. He continues: “However, it is clear that the improved coverage and capacity that femtocells provide is only the start. Advanced femtocell applications are commanding great interest both from the operator community and direct from consumers themselves. Our research shows that of those global consumers interested in femtocells, almost 70% find these advanced services either very or extremely appealing.”

Highlights from the programme:

- An Operator’s Perspective on the First Femtocell Deployment in Greece
Dr. Polychronis Tzerefos - New Products, Innovation and Wholesale Group Product Manager, Vodafone Greece

- Femtocell perspectives in Russia: Success factors and barriers
Alexey Alekseev – Project Director, Convergence Products, MTS Russia

- Femtocells and the data monetisation challenge
Jorge Alvarez - Network Strategy Manager, Telefonica o2 UK

- Strategies and Challenges in Deploying Femtos in Rural America
Rick Vergin – CEO, Mosaic Telecom

- Leapfrog with FemtoCells
Nick Papadoglou - Senior Manager, Wind Hellas

- The Applications of Femtocells with Satellite Backhaul and their Role in Disaster Relief
Jesada Sivaraks – Engineer, TOT

- MegaFon’s experience in femtocell deployment in Russia, 2011 - year of challenge
Pavel Skorodumov – Senior Engineer, MegaFon

- Network Norway's Experience in Launching an Enterprise Femtocell Service
Geir Ove Jenssen – Femtocell Project Manager, Network Norway

Event dates and location: 21-23 June 2011, The Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, London, UK.

Event website:

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