For Orrin Grey, New Book with Evileye Books Deal Reveals Skeletons in His Closet

Crystal Lake, IL, May 24, 2011 --( Orrin Grey, author of literary horror fiction, has signed with Evileye Books to publish his first collection of supernatural stories—a curious, if not disturbing, feat, considering Grey is a skeleton.

The collection, Never Bet the Devil and Other Warnings, is a curated compilation of nine stories and a novella, most of which have been previously published in various anthologies. The tales are clearly grounded in the world of horror and the supernatural, but it's their eclectic mix of influences—starting with Lovecraft—that will hook readers of quality speculative fiction.

"When I was alive," said Grey, "I loved the work of H.P Lovecraft. The work he did was breathtaking (when I had lungs, of course). It wasn't until I was released from the shackles of mortality that I truly came to appreciate his mastery of atmosphere and suggestion. This collection is influenced by his work, but also by writers like Mike Mignola, Richard Matheson, Manly Wade Wellman, Basil Copper, and others."

Never Bet the Devil is expected to debut this fall, in time for Halloween. At launch, Digital editions for the Kindle, Nook and iBooks platforms will be available.

Of more intrigue to treasure hunters and conspiracy theorists will be the initial printed edition.

A trade paperback edition will be also available that will qualify its buyers to request a copy of the limited edition hardcover that will be made available by invitation only in 2012. A secret code will be inserted within the volume, and buyers will have the opportunity to register for the invitation list using the code and a secret email address. Full details will be revealed in the trade paperback and on the Evileye Books website in October.

"It's hard to look Orrin Grey in the eyes—mainly because he doesn't have any," said A.N. Ommus, editor of Evileye Books. "You'd think that would be disturbing, but, surprisingly, it's a relief. What isn't hard is to fall in love with his literary voice. Grey's writing seems to come from another time, when the Internet and movies didn't exist—when readers truly relied on storytellers to transport them to other worlds. Grey has the remarkable ability to put you in the middle of the story and make you experience the tale with all your senses."

Rest assured, this is not a hoax.

Evileye Books
Aaron Nathaniel Ommus