New 2012 ebook Breaks with Doomsday Trend

The newly released “2012, Science or Fiction?” created by Digital Journeys and written by Philip Coppens, one of the main contributors to The History Channel’s popular series “Ancient Aliens,” breaks with current trends and argues that 2012 is not about the end of the world, but that Mayan records believe it is about the return of the Mayan gods – alien beings.

Los Angeles, CA, May 24, 2011 --( In “2012, Science or Fiction?” Philip Coppens takes the reader on a journey into the Mayan mysteries to uncover a startling perspective on 2012: the lost meaning of the great cycle of the ages. He challenges the doomsday prophets and argues that 2012 is not the apocalyptic end of times, but that it is in fact only the beginning. Indeed, Coppens has found evidence in the Mayan records that shows that the Mayans were perfectly aware of what 2012 was about, and that it was about the return of the Mayan gods.

Coppens states: “The 2012 movie was the biggest budget movie of all times – a staggering 200 million dollar. It focused on the Mayan prophecies about 2012 and argued the world would end. As the movie was so high profile, commentators argued there is no reality to such doom-mongering. But today, doom and 2012 do go together in popular thinking. Though I agree 2012 is not about doom, 2012 is a genuine phenomenon, at the core of the Mayan calendar system. You simply cannot deny that.”

Coppens instead presents a radically different interpretation: “The Mayan records clearly show that they expected to see a return of the Gods, who are going to end this age, and begin a new age – the so-called Fifth Age.”

Apart from a return of the gods, the Mayans also make it clear that this is a period of great global change. Its emphasis is on the final period, which runs from April 1993 until December 21, 2012. And the Mayan forecast of tremendous change, has come true. “The world of 1992 is totally different from today’s. The computer is omnipresent. As is the internet. People have never been this mobile and for the first time in human history, the world has become a global village. Tremendous change has occurred, but it is clear that we are only in the beginning phases of a much bigger global revolution, and it is within that context that the true Mayan prophecy should be seen.”

“2012, Science or Fiction?” thus offers a unique perspective on the 2012 phenomenon, taking in some of the leading thinking on the nature of time, the importance of 2012 for the Mayan civilisation and the world as a whole, and much more.

The ebook is also one of the first ebooks on the iPad platform to have incorporated video – a new technological first.

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