Southwest FL Motivational Speaker, Mary Lynn Ziemer, Debuts New eBook, “10 Tips for Having Abundance Now”

Southwest FL motivational speaker, Mary Lynn Ziemer, announces the debut of her new eBook, “10 Tips for Having Abundance Now.” available on her website

Fort Myers, FL, May 25, 2011 --( Mary Lynn Ziemer, a Southwest FL motivational speaker, Business Consultant, and founder of Living A Joyful Life, announces the debut of her latest eBook, “10 Tips for Having Abundance Now.” The eBook is currently available for free download on Mary Lynn’s website

“I am thrilled to announce the debut of this new eBook, teaching people how to have abundance in their life,” said Mary Lynn Ziemer. “The tips in this book are based off of proven methods that help people define and achieve goals, overcome fears, and create a life for themselves that brings them joy. Everyone can have abundance in their lives by learning to focus on what they want, and by incorporating daily practices that allow them to shift their thinking and eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs.”

“10 Tips for Having Abundance Now” provides the reader a variety of insightful tips and practical tools for having success and reaching goals in life. It begins with tips such as “Reverse Your Thinking” and “Use Your Imagination,” outlining suggestions for overcoming conditioning and fears, and learning how to visualize goals and aspirations in a way that will quickly make them come to fruition.

Mary Lynn has hosted a number of workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking events around the topic of this eBook. Her primary focus is to help people create abundance and joy in their life, both professionally and personally. She assists them in finding their true purpose, directing their career choices and personal relationships around that purpose, and creating joy and abundance in all aspects of life. She has also had amazing results with clients realizing improved health and personal growth.

Mary Lynn’s new eBook, “10 Tips for Having Abundance Now,” is currently available and free to download on her website

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Mary Lynn Ziemer, an international certified Master Life Coach and Business Consultant, is the founder and CEO of Living A Joyful Life. She teaches clients hungering to lead more joyful and prosperous lives with simple and proven techniques that work for the rest of their lives. As a certified life coach and business consultant, her empowering coaching style and presentations fit both corporate and personal needs as she moves individuals towards positive change. She leverages nearly 30 years of experience as a successful corporate leader and as a trendsetting entrepreneur to work for her clients. For more information on Life Coaching services, business consulting or upcoming workshops, seminars, or keynote speakers, contact Mary Lynn at (720) 270-3428, locally at 239-498-7290 or visit . All new clients are offered a free initial coaching session.

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