CIMCON Software Awarded Gold Level Status in Microsoft's Partner Network for the 9th Consecutive Year with the Achievement of a "Gold ISV/Software Competency"

Boston, MA, May 25, 2011 --( CIMCON Software Inc., the Pioneering Market Leader in Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, today announced that it has been awarded the Microsoft Partner Network’s highest achievement of a Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV)/Software competency. This achievement is a reaffirmation of CIMCON’s long-standing commitment to and collaboration with Microsoft in providing innovative, best-in-class solutions that assure Microsoft customers that they can easily meet new and expanding regulations and requirements in the GRC environment with CIMCON solutions.

Distinguishing companies with the highest level of competency and expertise in Microsoft technologies, a Gold ISV certification requires that a company demonstrate that it can develop innovative solutions while effectively handling competitive and market pressures, attract new customers, keep development costs down, and train and employ a highly skilled development team. To achieve its Gold ISV/Software Competency, CIMCON completed a rigorous series of tests proving its level of technology expertise in the Microsoft environment; it submitted five verifiable customer references from within the past 12 months; it reaffirmed its commitment to customer satisfaction by participating in Microsoft’s annual customer survey; and it continues to maintain an appropriate number of Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff to meet Microsoft’s development cycle and the needs of the market.

According to Microsoft, “companies that attain the Gold ISV/Software competency demonstrate greater value to their customers by showcasing best-in-class solutions that have been subject to a rigorous and auditable approval process.” A Gold ISV/Software competency enables companies to be better positioned to make the most of opportunities related to specific Microsoft technologies.

CIMCON has achieved a Microsoft Gold ISV/Software competency as a result of its commitment to the Microsoft platform and its proven track record of developing quality software products and superior customer support. CIMCON’s SOX-XL, SOX-XS, XLRisk and XLAudit suite of products provide the industry’s most comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database lifecycle solutions from discovery, risk assessment, analysis, and controls to archiving and records retention.

“Our recognition by the Microsoft Partner Network for the 9th consecutive year as a Gold Partner is a testament to the outstanding work and expertise of the CIMCON team,” said Anil Agrawal, Director of CIMCON Software. “We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Microsoft and will continue to focus on leveraging Microsoft technologies to develop cutting-edge, reliable and cost-effective solutions which improve operational efficiency while complying with stringent international quality and regulatory requirements.”

About CIMCON Software, Inc.
With 22 years of innovation, experience and knowledge, CIMCON Software, Inc. is a pioneering Market Leader in providing a complete range of Spreadsheet Control and Compliance solutions. CIMCON’s Spreadsheet Compliance Technology is a de facto Industry Standard with the Largest Installed Client Base of nearly 250 companies for regulatory compliance, including the Regulator of America’s Capital Markets and an enforcement arm of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With a client base spanning North America, Europe and Asia and an 8 year history of use, CIMCON's spreadsheet compliance technology has been selected and implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 corporations as a Global Corporate Standard for Regulatory Compliance.

CIMCON’s SOX-XL suite of products provide the industry’s most comprehensive spreadsheet lifecycle solutions from discovery, risk assessment, analysis, and controls to archiving and record retention. CIMCON Software is also the first company to provide compliance solutions for Access databases in a single integrated platform to provide our clients with one-stop End User Computing (EUC) solutions.

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