scil Relaunches scil Vet Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer

scil Proudly Features 5-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer with True Animal Specific Controls.

Chicago, IL, May 25, 2011 --( scil animal care company, inc., a global organization focused on providing high quality veterinary medical equipment is focusing more than ever on their diagnostic product line and customer base. Due to its unprecedented capabilities and species offerings, scil is relaunching the scil Vet Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer to the North American veterinary market.

scil is also proud to announce a continued partnership with Drew Scientific, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Escalon Medical Corp. and the manufacturers of the Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer. Drew Scientific provides instrumentation and consumables for the diagnosis and monitoring of medical disorders in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hematology, and are experts in the field of veterinary hematology and blood chemistry. The Focus 5 is built with Drew Scientific’s patented hematology technology, a gold standard in research labs world-wide.

The scil Vet Focus 5 Hematology Analyzer is specifically designed to meet the needs of veterinary practices demanding true multi-species capability and five-part differential. The analyzer specializes in all domestic animal species, as well as some exotics such as guinea pig and rabbit. The system’s straightforward operation and minimal required routine maintenance make it ideal for busy veterinary practices. Additional features include 2-minute sample cycle, storage of up to 300 results, and customized data output report with exclusive 3-D cytograms of WBC subpopulations, RBCs, PLTs plus additional flagging for NRBC# and NRBC%. The scil Vet Focus 5 is also the only analyzer to offer Multi-trol: patented true animal specific controls for dog, cat and horse.

The analyzer uses Focused Flow Cytometry, where the sample stream is focused into the center of the flow through the aperture and the cells are simultaneously sensed for native size and internal structure. One advantage of this technique is that protein build-up and blockage at the aperture is prevented, which can be a problem with other technologies. Focused Flow Cytometry provides accurate cell counting and classification.

This high resolution technology delivers superior cell separation for increased precision and its extended measurement ranges provide increased linearity on all measured parameters for all species. Patented software and flagging criteria also provide accuracy of results for abnormal and normal samples. The technology, in combination with the reagent system, means routine operator maintenance is reduced to only minutes.

Re-introducing this five-part differential hematology analyzer is the first step to effectively bringing the value this analyzer offers to the North American veterinary market. scil’s further plans include their national sales team featuring this analyzer at trade shows, providing in-clinic product demonstrations and promotional pricing.

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About scil animal care company:
scil animal care company is an international organization with 22 company locations throughout Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Canada, and is dedicated to delivering animal health professionals high quality medical equipment. We understand that high quality products are not enough in today’s modern veterinary laboratory. Post-acquisition in-hospital training, support and service make the critical difference to the ongoing performance of the instrument, as well as its financial contribution to the veterinary practice.

scil animal care company is here to support you. scil offers chemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, vital signs monitors, surgical power tools by Aesculap, equipment accessories, and more. scil is also proud to service the industry with impeccable customer service, 24/7 telephone technical support, on-site equipment installations, equipment training, and continuing education.

About Drew Scientific:
Drew Scientific is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Escalon Medical Corp., which develops, manufactures, and markets clinical diagnostic and ophthalmic medical devices worldwide. Drew Scientific is part of the Escalon Clinical Diagnostics™ group that provides innovative solutions for animal hematology, human hematology, clinical chemistry, and diabetes monitoring. For more information, please visit

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