IES, Ltd. Strategically Launches Visibility Tool Ahead of CBP Regulation

IES, Ltd., one of the fastest growing transportation software companies in the world, has rolled out a new tool engineered for document management and on-demand accessibility.

Midland Park, NJ, May 25, 2011 --( The new product enhancement, called ‘TruVis’, comes at a strategic moment in the industry, closely following the recent announcement by US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) that it would allow Customs brokers to move into more complete electronic recordkeeping and retention processes. The forward-looking rule would allow brokers to store digital documents if the records are easily assessable on demand.

IES states that the new software component will allow for the required ‘on demand’ access. The company also notes that the product has been engineered to fully integrate with its other software products already in use by thousands of users worldwide.

Andrew Bullen, President of IES, Ltd., explains, “Every Customs broker needs to adopt a process to secure and produce demand-driven documents. With the pending CBP regulation and the ever-increasing volume of information that must be managed by forwarders and brokers, there is a tremendous need for fast and secure document management. The new TruVis tool fits perfectly into this market and regulatory niche.”

Tom Zinner, Director of Software Solutions & Strategies, provides additional details, “TruVis maintains multi-layer security that eliminates the possibility of misplaced documents or unauthorized access. The software was engineered to be flexible and practical, allowing for the quick storage of secure images as they are generated. The software can be configured to automatically capture documents at key milestones and publish them to the IES Web Tracking visibility tool if required. Records can be stored and viewed with the execution of a simple command. All of this functionality is in line with CBP’s pending regulation.”

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