Buddha in Beta: Buddha Introduces Free Mobile App

Buddha is a free revolutionary patent-pending mobile App for iphone, android, ipad, and soon for blackberry devices, which helps expand your social network and find new connections based on personal likes, interests, location, and mutual friends. It removes the need to actively search for new friends and connections by letting you set up proximity alerts and shared interests.

Brooklyn, NY, May 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Buddha mobile app helps users find new face-to-face connections based on interests, location, and mutual friends.

Buddha announces the beta version of their free mobile app. Buddha is available now on the iOS (for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad devices), Android (phones, tablets) platforms, and soon on the BlackBerry platform.

"Buddha enables you to expand your social network by finding people nearby who share your likes, interests, or friends," says co-founder Hagai Yardeny. "For example, the other day I was at a local bar in Williamsburg and found, through Buddha, that the bartender and I have a close friend in common who lives thousands of miles away, which immediately opened the door to a conversation and a real connection between the bartender and me—this type of tangible connection is what Buddha makes exciting."

“Buddha connects people in real-time and without the problems of ‘checking-in’ to locations. It’s social radar. For example, what happens if you go to a location to meet up with someone but the person has already left? We’re helping people, whether for business or social networking, to get together,” says co-founder David Montoya.

Matching location with social graph data, Buddha connects people. It’s a “network expansion engine” that complements, rather than competes with, other social communities. Privacy remains central to Buddha’s design.

Both for business and pleasure, Buddha simplifies professional and personal interactions.

Undesirable or desirable? Users can set Proximity Alerts when a potential desirable or undesirable connection is nearby (from 10 yards to 60 miles).

Designed with an intuitive user interface that integrates your Facebook social network.

Develop multiple groups to simplify party planning or group outings using group messaging.

Hide your profile, restrict access, be invisible—privacy controls can be applied to individual connections, groups of connections, or everyone.

Actively reach out once a potential connection is made using the Taps feature.

Buddha is a start-up that was founded by long-time friends and serial entrepreneurs, David Montoya and Hagai Yardeny. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the founders are working toward building a successful and profitable business with an international reach. Buddha’s technical talent and creative force, comprised of award-winners and leaders in their fields, have worked together on other ventures and are bringing their experience to Buddha.

For more information and to download the app: www.BuddhaTheApp.com.

Buddha, Inc.
Marie Estrada