Coolcat Inc is the Preferred Data Vendor for GFI in Georgia

Atlanta, GA, March 15, 2007 --( GFI names Coolcat Inc, an independent software vendor and Technology service company, as its preferred data vendor for the state of Georgia. Coolcat Inc, an integrated technology company that resells world-class software solutions to VARS and IT professionals, has deployed Network Server Monitor to automatically send alerts and corrects network and server issues.

GFI Network Server Monitor is a network monitor that enables Coolcat Inc to scan the network for failures or irregularities automatically. With GFI Network Server Monitor, Coolcat Inc can identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your users (or managers) report them to you!

GFI Network Server Monitor maximizes network availability by monitoring all aspects of Coolcat Inc’s Windows and Linux servers, workstations and devices (routers, etc). When a failure is detected, GFI's network monitor can alert you by email, pager or SMS, as well as taking corrective action by, for example, rebooting the machine, restarting the service or running a script. Utilizing Network Server Monitor Coolcat Inc spends 17% less time taking corrective actions.

GFI Network Server Monitor actually tests the status of a service, rather than deducing a service status from generated events (as other products do), which is the only real way to ensure server uptime!

Coolcat Inc utilizes GFI Network Server Monitor to monitor machine in all three of its geographic redundant data centers. GFI Network Server Monitor consists of a network monitoring service and a separate management interface. No agent software needs to be installed on the machines you wish to monitor. Via the Quickstart wizard, you can quickly create a series of checks which monitor all the important services on your network, including Exchange Server, IIS and others. Critical Exchange services and performance counters (Information Store, mailboxes, SMTP service, etc) are monitored.

GFI Network Server Monitor can check the status of a terminal server by actually performing a complete login and checking if the session is established correctly. This monitoring method is superior to relying on the events that the terminal server generates (as Microsoft MOM does). GFI Network Server Monitor can check the availability of all leading database applications. Out of the box, it can monitor Microsoft SQL Server via ADO. Other databases such as Access, FoxPro, Paradox, SyBase, Informix, IBM DB2 and many more can be monitored via ODBC.

GFI Network Server Monitor includes extensive checks for monitoring Linux servers. You can monitor CPU usage, printer availability, file existence, process running, folder size, file size, users and groups membership, disk partition check and disk space. In addition, administrators can create any check by creating an SSH script

GFI has developed specialized checks which mimic administrator operations to verify that services offered by various applications are running, for example, logon to a service, perform a task and logoff the service – without the need for any administrative intervention! The monitoring functions that make use of such methodologies include: IMAP, POP3, SMTP Server and the email route check. Through the active use of such services one can guarantee that all aspects of these services are running and functioning.

When it detects a failure, GFI Network Server Monitor integrates with Coolcat Ins’s Operations Desk and send alerts via SMS, pager, email or a network message. SMS (text) messages are sent either through an SMS service provider (SMSC), directly through a connected GSM phone/modem; it is also possible to use the GFI FAXmaker email-to-SMS gateway service, Clickatell’s web email-to-SMS online gateway service or any third party email-to-SMS gateway. All notifications can be customized using variables. Recipients can be configured globally.

GFI Network Server Monitor is easy to set up and use, and is competitively priced. For more information log on to or for your free evaluation go to You can also send email to

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