Enviroflush ™ Announces That It Has Made Toilet Flappers Obsolete

Enviroflush, a product of American Innovative products, Inc. announces that it has finally solved the cause of the majority of water leaks in the home, faulty toilet flappers.

Dallas, TX, May 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- DIY toilet modification will stop leaking toilet flappers.

Enviroflush™, found at www.enviroflush.com proudly announces that it has solved the number one cause of water waste in the home, leaking toilet flappers. This revolutionary anti-leak flush mechanism has made toilet flappers obsolete and could prevent up to 300 gallons of water from being wasted — per toilet, per day in every home.

A Leaking toilet can use up to 9,000 gallons of water in 30 days and can add $500 to a single water bill according to American Leak Detection. The Birmingham Water Works Bureau says that a high water bill is the first indication that you might have a leak and that most leaks come from the toilet. The Bureau also says that water industry statistics show that about 20 percent of all toilets leak and 90 percent of high water bills are caused by leaky toilets. In a study done by the American Water Works Association entitled “Residential End Uses of Water,” they say that 13.7 percent of all indoor water usage can be attributed to running toilets or leaky faucets.

Flappers, the traditional flush mechanism in most toilets, are known to malfunction often and to deteriorate within six months, mainly due to chemicals in water and the design. Unlike flappers, the EnviroFlush™ uses water displacement rather than a heat-formed barrier to regulate flushes. The design makes leaks impossible, uses up to 20% less water per flush and provides a more powerful flush than a flapper.

EnviroFlush™, a product of Dallas, TX based American Innovative Products, Inc. anticipates that this product will save billions of gallons of treated water and millions of dollars for the consumer.

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