New Revenue Trend Dashboard Allows Medical Billers to Monitor Practice Financial Health with Integrated EHR and Practice Management System.

Among several recent additions to the Waiting Room Solutions EHR software is the Revenue Trend Dashboard, which allows practices to graphically monitor trends and summaries of past financial information recorded in billing reports.

Goshen, NY, May 27, 2011 --( Waiting Room Solutions® (WRS) (, a leading web-based EHR and PM provider, has added an integrated Revenue Trend Dashboard into its Billing Module software.

The Revenue Trend Dashboard contains a summary of all information stored in the WRS billing reports. Trend charts are based on data that is collected when saved reports are run weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and the trend report will include additional data as the newest saved reports are completed. Some of the many variables that can be graphed in trend reports are amount outstanding, amount charged, total patient transfers, interest, total adjustments and true charges. The charts created allow these values to be visually compared to one another and analyzed, making patterns and relationships evident in a way that they would not be when simply listed in separate files.

With the constant influx of information entering medical practices, it is not difficult for physicians and managers to become overwhelmed by the copious data they are expected to process. The Revenue Trend Dashboard simplifies this process by removing the busy work of sorting through and organizing financial data; practices can then allocate more time and resources to analyzing this information. Management will benefit from the critical business decisions and strategies created from the insights provided through this dashboard feature.

“Through the generated trend reports in the Revenue Trend Dashboard, practices will be able to examine patterns, discover relationships between different figures, monitor efficiency, and much more,” said Dr. Lawrence Gordon, founder and CEO of Waiting Room Solutions. “This new data source will prove itself to be invaluable when evaluating past practice performance as well as assessing the optimal strategic direction for the future. We are proud to integrate this feature into the WRS system and feel that it will be very beneficial to our clients.”

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Chandresh Shah