Milo Sheff Announces Release Date for Latest Album

"Shapeshifter" to hit across the globe in April

Hartford, CT, March 15, 2007 --( Morales Records U.S. and Milo Sheff announced the release date for Sheff's long awaited album Shapeshifter. Sheff wrote and was the executive producer of the album that will hit record stores across the globe this April. Shapeshifter is characterized with Sheff's catchy hooks, smooth beats, and philosophical lyrics.

Sheff who is born and raised in Hartford brings a fresh new perspective to Hip Hop music and his amazing ability to "switch up styles" has music industry veterans and fans on the edge of their seats. Along with Morales Records U.S., many believe Sheff's music could be the catalyst for the rebirth of Hip Hop music which has faded because it’s abandoned it’s roots.

Morales Records, U.S., LLC CEO Eddy Morales is highly confident his company is on the right track. "We've prepared long and hard for this moment and poured a lot of energy into releasing a high quality product," he says. "Nothing is more important than a great first impression, especially for a record label. We know thousands of Milo's fans ranging from their late teens to early fifties who’ve been eagerly awaiting this album.

Shapeshifter contains twenty tracks ranging from a song called "Hot Fish" to "In the Hartbeat" that expresses his critical views of The State Capital, and a sexy rendition of "Love Jones" reminiscent of a classic 70's soul ballad. Morales believes Shapeshifter and Sheff's future album Chewable will be a disruptive force to the Hip Hop industry as it explodes onto the scene.

Morales Records USA, LLC is an independent owned record label located in Hartford, Connecticut. Their mission is to build a fully integrated global media and entertainment company by developing talented, driven, and focused artists within in tier two and tier three urban markets with an initial focus on Connecticut based cities.

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