eSolutions Partners LLC Launches National Hospice Referral Network Service to Support Hospice Caregivers and Patient Referring Parties

Chesterfield, SC, March 15, 2007 --( eSolutions Partners LLC announces the launch of its referral network to help hospital discharge planners, physician offices and the general public locate appropriate agencies for patients being referred to hospice. The service, “The National Hospice Referral Network,” is a switched-based telephone service offering a hospice provider membership directory.

Any person wishing to make a referral to a hospice simply calls the toll-free number to the National Hospice Referral Network. Following the voice prompt, the caller enters the patient's home zip code and telephone number with the area code. The caller is then given a menu to select from a list of the local hospice service providers available to this specific patient. The caller then selects a hospice from the list and the call is routed directly to that hospice to give the referral information.

“Hospice is a program of care and supportive services designed to help terminally ill persons live as comfortably and as fully as possible during the last stage of their life. The Hospice organization focuses on the maximum comfort and care of the terminally ill and provides support through an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, clergy and volunteers. Hospice can help the family meet the physical and emotional demands of keeping their loved one at home, as well as help ensure that the home environment is positive and stable for the patient and the family. Hospice professionals help the patient to manage pain and symptoms of their illness. Volunteers, clergy and other staff members help the patient and the family prepare for and adjust to the inevitable final stage of life,” said John Douglas, Managing Member of eSolutions Partners LLC.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting referrals in the hospice market is the ever growing number of hospices which service the varying geographic areas. According to the 2005 National Summary of Hospice Care, there are now 4,100 hospice service providers throughout the United States. Also, approximately one-third of all deaths in the United States were under the care of a hospice program. Over 1.2 million patients received services from hospice in 2005.

The increasing number of service providers has created a growing list of possible service providers that every hospital discharge planner and physician's office must go through to find the correct local hospice for their patient. Many referring parties have now become very frustrated with the time and effort required just to find the correct contact information for the best hospice for their patients.

“We created this service, The National Hospice Referral Network, to provide a practical means to make the referring parties’ job much easier,” Douglas said.

“The National Hospice Referral Network, draws upon the 24/7 accessibility of participating hospice members. Most will take referral calls for patients at anytime. With the launch of the service, we are actively adding hospice service providers to our membership directory. There is currently an ongoing campaign to mail and call hospice service providers to offer membership in the network directory. The network is now operational nationwide, but the marketing roll out has just started in the mid-Atlantic region. As we add hospice providers to the directory, it will offer nationwide coverage by the end off the year,” Douglas added.

To view the new eSolutions Partners website and learn more about The National Hospice Referral Network, go to For more information about hospice membership in the network, call 1-888-732-2607 and select option six for an application by fax, or email eSolutions Partners at

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