OneTree Solutions Releases OT ReVAT to Provide Companies with an Easy, Reliable Route to Receiving Refunds on VAT Paid in Foreign EU Member States

In compliance with the latest VAT refund directive (2008/9/EC), OT ReVAT provides companies with an easy, reliable route to receiving refunds on VAT paid in other EU Member States.

Senningerberg, Luxembourg, June 01, 2011 --( OneTree Solutions announced today the general availability of OT ReVAT, a software suite to streamline VAT refund–related tasks.

Whether companies want to receive a VAT refund, help their own customers receive a VAT refund, or want to offer VAT services to their customer base, OT ReVAT is available in three versions to meet those needs:

OT ReVAT Advantage is for companies that do business in Europe, outside their country of establishment, and want to have VAT reimbursed from other European Member States. It’s a pay-as-you-go solution that easily integrates with the customer’s accounting system. Customers can bypass the cumbersome task of entering their invoices one-by-one into their country's VAT refund website and simply export the invoice data from their accounting system and OT ReVAT handles all the rest, saving time and costs.

OT ReVAT Loyalty is for companies that want to help their own customers receive VAT refunds. By providing their customers with the ability to receive VAT refunds, a real value-added service, companies significantly contribute to maximizing customer loyalty and can make their goods and services appear less expensive than the competition. OT ReVAT Loyalty is ideal for hotel chains, oil companies, car rental companies, exhibition and fair organizers, real estate companies, airlines and tour operators, and any company selling goods or services that are eligible for a VAT refund.

OT ReVAT Foundation is for entities that act as representatives of companies for their VAT refund activities, for example VAT refund service companies and accounting companies. Customers of OT ReVAT Foundation will in turn be able to provide VAT refund services to their own customers, extending their VAT services and market reach. OT ReVAT Foundation is a high-throughput, production-optimized, enterprise-class platform for VAT refund processing and beyond. It allows representatives to accept and efficiently handle significantly higher loads with less staff, which leads to more competitive prices and opportunities to increase profit margins. Furthermore, it allows business experts to focus more on providing value-added services, and less on processing.

"OT ReVAT is a product that capitalizes on OneTree's extensive knowledge of the VAT refund domain and the related operational processes. Not only can companies save time and apply for substantial amounts of money back from foreign VAT, but their chances of being refunded the maximum amount of VAT are considerably increased with the technology embedded within OT ReVAT," said Dr. Panos Konstantinidis, Business Strategy Director at OneTree Solutions. "Most European companies are entitled to recover foreign VAT, however due to unawareness and the complexity of the process, or lack of resource, significant amounts of money go unclaimed and are effectively lost. In full compliance with the new EU VAT directive (2008/9/EC), OT ReVAT has been specifically developed for European companies that want to maximize the refunds they receive on foreign VAT, or extend their own VAT services to their customer base."

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