Tagine: New Moroccan Tagines Unveiled by the Moroccan Bazaar on its Online Home Furnishings and Decor Site

The new Moroccan Tagine unveiled by The Moroccan Bazaar is the first lead free Tagine made in Morocco. The Tagine combines traditional and modern pottery techniques to produce the first 100% lead free dishes.

Dallas, TX, March 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The popularity of Moroccan cuisine in general has sparked increasing demand for cooking Tagines that, until now, had no verifiable assurances of their lead free content. By working with the largest local producer of ceramics and mosaic table tops, The Moroccan Bazaar is able to provide a lead free and quality tagine that was once only available in rural markets and small artisans' shops.

These types of ceramics, "If they are not heated adequately during manufacture, this may result in the release of lead from the product into the food" as explained by Canadian Health authorities. The Moroccan Bazaar with its local Moroccan manufacturer have developed processes and introduced new equipment to illiminate the risk of lead contamination.

"We were excited to find a source for genuine Moroccan clay Tagines that are food safe," said Natalia, an online shopper at The Moroccan Bazaar. Cooking connoisseurs recommend authentic clay Tagines as their slow simmering on clay enhances the flavored unmatched by cast iron replicas that are available in the marketplace.

The new Tagines will also be available for wholesale customers along with the rest of the home decor collection that includes a wide variety of Moroccan furniture and chandeliers.

For additional information visit their furniture retail site.

About The Moroccan Bazaar:
Founded in Tangier, Morocco in 1990, The Moroccan Bazaar moved it operations to Dallas, Texas in 2000 to introduce its product line to the US Market and to support the Moroccan handmade industry, its artisans and their uncertain future due to the proliferation of cheap Chinese imitations.

The Moroccan Bazaar
Reda Yamani