CMBS Global Issues Global Challenge to Entrepreneurs with Launch of Vehicle Supplying Exceptional Communication, Marketing, and Business Solutions

An increasing demand for specialized online marketing and business management has directly resulted in the restructuring of the company formerly known as CM Business Solutions. Now known as CMBS Global, it offers clients more than the basic Virtual Assistant services, and has added individual packages to its monthly retainer plans. To showcase its commitment to exceptional customer service, CMBS Global is presenting The Global Challenge to entrepreneurs who desire more efficient results.

Lawrenceville, GA, June 03, 2011 --( CMBS Global announces the recent launch of their newly structured firm targeted at online entrepreneurs seeking a specialized and proactive service for marketing their business to the world.

CMBS Global CEO, Cassandra A. Morgan, who first founded the company as CM Business Solutions in 2008, explained that the increasing demand for specialized online marketing and business management directly resulted in the restructuring of her company to include more than the basic Virtual Assistant services. The name change to CMBS Global reflects the expansion of those services to include a larger market, along with the ongoing commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction held by Cassandra and her staff, which includes Stephanie Avery, COO and Charlotte L. Hanna, CCO.

“We have created a vehicle to give our clients a more innovative and highly effective service,” said Ms. Morgan, “One that will better meet the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in today’s economic and business climate, while bringing an element of cutting-edge creativity to the table.” Ms. Morgan, who has worked with some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in the industry, believes that her team is up to the challenge. “The goal of CMBS Global is to provide a devoted team of qualified professionals, working together with the sole purpose of creating opportunities and revenue for online entrepreneurs – no matter the size of their business. We rely on proven strategies and techniques for marketing businesses, both locally and worldwide, but we also pride ourselves in our creativity and innovative ideas. We love thinking ‘outside the box.’”

Acknowledging the numerous choices available for service providers online, Ms. Morgan stated that CMBS Global works hard to surpass the expectations of today’s well-informed, busy professionals, and is confident in her company’s ability to help clients achieve the specific and unique results they desire for their businesses. “We know we aren’t the only company providing V.A. and back office services, and that is precisely why we’ve stepped up our game. We aren’t here to follow anyone. Our goal is to lead, and do it with integrity and professionalism.”

To showcase the newly restructured company’s commitment to exceptional customer service, CMBS Global is presenting The Global Challenge, designed to invite potential clients to test-drive the many services and packages offered. Beginning Tuesday, June 7th and continuing through Thursday, June 30, 2011, the company is offering first time clients 10% off their first month’s retainer. Existing clients who provide referrals during this period will also be eligible to receive a one-time 10% discount.
“There is never any obligation to our clients to continue with CMBS Global after the first month,” noted Ms. Morgan, “but once a client realizes the benefits of all we are able to do for them, we find they don’t want to leave. And, of course, that suits us just fine.”

CMBS Global includes the following among their list of services:

· V.A./Back Office Services
· Online Business Management
· Virtual Event Planning
· Speaker Management
· Website Design and Development
· Search Engine Optimization
· Social Media Applications
· Copywriting
· Development of Branding
· Analysis

CMBS GLOBAL is a full-service virtual assistance, communication, marketing, and development company with over 35 years of professional experience. The company focuses on exceptional customer service and offers month-to-month retainers, as well as single project packages tailored to the individual’s needs. For further information, or to partner with CMBS GLOBAL, interested parties should contact or visit

CMBS Global
Cassandra A. Morgan