FG Solutions International Announces Expansion of Alternative Investment Program

The FG Solutions International, a premier provider of both traditional and electronic commodity futures and brokerage trading services has announced recently the expansion of its alternative investment programs, particularly their managed futures account which will take effect immediately.

Brussels, Belgium, June 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The firm’s managed futures program will focus on providing expertise in forex and risk management investment solutions. The new expansion program will match with the firm’s online-based forex trading service, taking advantage of its current round-the-clock trading operation and risk management expertise of its well-established professional trading specialists.

Mr. Jack Wallace, the FG Solutions International’s Global Head for Marketing and Sales Division, is given full responsibility in creating, implementing and advancing best trading strategies and supervising clients who have managed futures accounts. “Our alternative investment program designed for holders of managed futures account is our usual expansion of business which facilitates us to assist all types of investors,” said Wallace. “Our traders, especially the self-directed ones are also provided with full access to major currency markets worldwide through the firm’s online-based and sophisticated trading platform. And in addition to that, traders who opt to have their risk capital carefully managed by our home-grown experts, who in most cases, fail to monitor the markets 24 hours a day can get themselves involved in the new managed account programs,” Wallace added.

In relation to this managed account program, the FG Solutions International has assigned veteran brokers and traders in the daily supervision of its clients managed futures accounts. This team of senior brokers and traders of FG Solutions International offers more than a decade of trading experience to the clients, contributing a disciplined trading approach, superior use of leverage and robust foundation of past successful trading operation. And since currency trading is included in the alternative investment expansion program, additional currency pairs will be also be traded which include the Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Australian dollar against US Dollar as the base currency and against each other.

The new extended managed account program which normally requires a least possible amount of $20,000 to partake, offers potential benefits such as the following:
· * Round-the-clock access to most liquid currency markets with least tension costs;
· * Potential profits both from falling and rising markets;
· * Diversification of assets and the potential risk reduction connected with adding low to negative correlation to equity investments;
· * Real-time account management with monthly reporting;
· * Capability to use leverage to augment profits;

* Account management from a well-capitalized commodity futures firm with respected, veteran management and trading specialists.

FG Solutions International
Graham Watts