PublishAmerica Presents The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her Dreadful Timing) by Nancy Levant

Frederick, MD, March 16, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing) by Nancy Levant of Iron Mountain, Michigan.

The Cultural Devastation of American Women is a factual investigation into the American woman’s abuse of liberation. Levant burrows into the psyches and habits of American women. She exposes over-spending, over-decorating, obsessions with beauty, weight, social climbing, and the hiring out of traditional female functions. All of these demonstrate a rejection of biological instincts and behaviors.

Levant exposes demanding, unreasonable, and incompetent mothers. She delves with brutal frankness into women and marriage, child rearing, divorce, hypochondria, self-absorption, and vanity, challenging the assumption that Westernized society freed women from social bondage.

Levant calls for a critical evaluation of womanhood in 21st Century America. The Cultural Devastation of American Women is reckoning day for American women as readers of all ages and political persuasions find complete agreement with the proof of the voices of suffering children.

By including the commentary of daycare children to create premise and purpose, Levant allows our children to report on the current state of parenthood, home life, and themselves.

Nancy Levant, MS.Ed, is columnist for International Forecaster,, American Chronicle, Sierra Times, Federal Observer, Anti-Communitarian League, and Klamath Bucket Brigade. She is a contributor to The Common Sense Chronicle, Powerhouse Magazine,, Range Magazine,, Amerikan Expose, and other many organizations, newspapers, and websites.

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