Bio3 Research S.r.l., Milan – Italy, Has Been Granted by the Australian Patent Office a Patent in the Field of HMGB1

Bio3 Research S.r.l., Milan – Italy, has been granted by the Australian Patent Office a patent in the field of cardiovascular diseases related to HMGB1 over-expression and for the use of HMGB1 protein in connective tissue regeneration.

Milano, Italy, March 16, 2007 --( Bio3 Research S.r.l. announced today that the Australian Patent Office has granted the company the patent in the HMGB1 (High Mobility Group Box 1 protein) field which entitles the use of antagonist molecules (Mabs and their fragments, Small Molecules inhibitors and antagonist molecules having sequence homology with HMG Box) that can bind the functional HMG Box binding domain of the receptor RAGE for the preparation of therapeutic agents for the treatment of vascular diseases, such as Atherosclerosis and Restenosis.

Furthermore, the granted patent entitles Bio3 Research to utilize HMGB1 as such and its fragments for the preparation of therapeutic agents which facilitate and/or induce Connective Tissue Regeneration.

Mr. Francesco Paolo Pilato, CEO Bio3 Research S.r.l., said: “We are very pleased for the Australian PO decision to grant the company said patent, which comes on the top of the already granted patent in Italy. Said patent entitles the company or licensed third parties the use of HMGB1 antagonists to treat cardiovascular disorders and to develop drugs based on HMGB1 as such and its fragments in the regeneration of damaged tissues. Remarkable scientific contribution has come from the studies conducted by Prof. Marco E. Bianchi (Inventor) an Associate Scientist of Bio3 Research. We strongly believe that the Pharmaceutical environment will soon consider HMGB1 as an innovative biological target for the development of drugs to prevent atherosclerotic plaque progression and restenosis after angioplasty. We are also very keen to develop treatments based on the use of HMGB1 as such, to regenerate damaged connective tissues. Preliminary animal data in cartilage repair are encouraging Bio3 Research to proceed further, and extend researches to bone matrix reconstitution and wound healing. We anticipate with much pleasure that soon patents will be also granted in other countries.”

About Bio3 Research S.r.l.
Bio3 Research S.r.l., an Italian company founded in 2001, has headquarters in Milan and an office at the Bioindustry Park of Canavese (Turin). Bio3 Research works with research institutions, individual scientists and early-stage companies to identify, protect and exploit commercially promising intellectual property in the life sciences. Such assistance may include pre-clinical development and negotiation of strategic industrial partnerships. Bio3 Research’s activity focuses mainly on the field of HMBG1-related cardiovascular disorders and use of HMGB1 and its fragments in connective tissue regeneration. Other fields of interest include skin and renal diseases. Additional information on Bio3 Research can be obtained from

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