Fearless Life Strategist Provides an Alternative to Caffeine to Give You a Boost

Phoenixville, PA, March 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- To mark National Caffeine Awareness Month, a United States based life strategist has released a new e-book called “How Do I Choose” that will give everyone who reads it a confidence boost as an alternative to a caffeine boost that most of us turn to in the mornings!

In this eBook, coaching powerhouse, Lorraine Cohen, outlines a 5-step blueprint to make rock-solid decisions. She shows readers how to make decisions they feel good about, alleviate the stress of making decisions, and address their major fears and inadequacies head on so that they can resolve indecision with greater self-assurance.

Lorraine, recognized by clients and colleagues alike as a cutting-edge expert in her field, has worked with over 2,000 people in the last 20 years and witnessed so much frustration and stress over the decision-making process (including her own!). Her compassion and desire to help people facing angst and losing sleep over small and large decisions was the impetus for creating this powerfull eBook.

Lorraine says, “I knew I needed to come up with a formula that liberates people from confusion so that they can make choices with clarity and confidence.

“And with all the available expertise, I still felt something was missing. Making choices isn't just about coming to a logical rational conclusion. You still have to deal with any emotional turmoil you feel from all the things you're thinking and telling yourself inside your head. It's exhausting!”

“Lorraine gets right to core of why making an important decision can make you freeze and stop in your tracks. She then offers the reader some specific, concrete solutions to move them forward once and for all.

“As a career counselor who works with hundreds of people who are stuck in life-changing decisions, I found Lorraine’s information to be very effective. I highly recommend this material!” says Carol Robinson, Career Counselor.

So if you find yourself reaching for that cup of joe to counteract a sleepless night tossing and turning about all the choices you have to make, be prepared to sleep soundly on a bed of solid decisions, with the aid of the “How Do I Choose” eBook by one of the most respected life strategists and business coaches in the business!

About Lorraine Cohen
Lorraine, President of Powerfull Living, brings more than 25 years experience in personal and business coaching, psychological counselling, and sales to over 2,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives from a wide range of industries to have greater career success and personal happiness in their life. Focusing on the whole person to implement innovative strategies, she helps people break through the confusion and roadblocks to achieve what they want in all areas of their life.

A published writer, Lorraine is a sought-after speaker on topics such as empowerment, business development, leadership, and life fulfilment. She is also the host of Powerfull Living Radio Show, compelling conversations for business and personal success. Visit www.powerfull-living.biz to learn more about Lorraine’s services, products and programs.

For more information on National Caffeine Awareness Month visit www.caffeineawareness.org

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