DDS Fred Stange Presents Latest Technology for Oral Cancer Identification

Oral cancer is a serious matter that takes people’s lives if not treated on time. However, thanks to developments in dental technology the identification and treatment of oral cancer is much easier and faster today. With the introduction of the cutting-edge Trimira Identafi 3000 at Dr. Stange’s dental office in Manhattan, patients are able to get a timely diagnosis and treatment.

New York, NY, June 05, 2011 --( Patients suffering from oral cancer know the pain that comes along with it. Tongue problems, swallowing difficulty and mouth sores are all familiar symptoms. The introduction of Timira Identifi 3000 at Dr. Fred Stange’s dental office in Manhattan recently has helped many patients identify and beat oral cancer.

Oral cancer kills one person every hour, but if detected early there is an 80-90 percent curing rate. Dr. Stange’s dedication to cutting-edge dental technology is showcased by the introduction of Trimira Identifi 3000 at his Manhattan office. By wearing Identifa 3000 ultra-filtered eyewear, dentists can help patients detect oral cancer at an early stage and give much better prognosis for treatment.

Trimira Identifi 3000 uses three wavelengths to better visualize oral tissue and helps dentists distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue. Thus, professionals at the dental office of Dr. Fred Stange can spot cancerous cells early.

“The apparatus uses a special wavelength that causes normal tissue to glow,” said Dr. Stange, adding, “cancerous cells become dark spots and do not glow normally.”

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